Dream on


11. I hate this part right here...

Harry's alarm went off so I turned it off. I rolled back over still in his arms; I was surprised he was still sound asleep. I pulled myself out of bed cautiously trying not to wake him. I crept down the hall back to my bedroom and began to get ready. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth then walked out to put my clothes on. I wore a cute track suit since it was going to be a long flight and it would be a good idea to stay comfortable. I brushed my hair and put a headband in, and then I grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder. I went to Harry's room to find him still asleep.
"Harry, wake up." I said shaking him. He moaned and shifted a little but didn’t budge. I walked to the other side and got on my knees so were on the same level and I patted his face.
"Come on wake up." He finally managed to open his eyes and the sunlight peering through the curtains made his eyes sparkle.
"Morning." I said.
"Morning." His voice was a little groggy but it was cute. I got up and walked out. I went to Louis' room and found him snoring away. I got an idea that he wouldn’t appreciate but I thought it'd be funny. I slipped my flip flops off and hopped onto the bed and started to jump on it like crazy. He put the pillow over his head and begged me to stop but I was laughing to much. He quickly shot up and tackled me to the ground, our faces only inches apart.
"Time to get up." I said cheekily.
"I can see that." I smiled and pushed him off of me. He walked to the bathroom and closed the door signaling for me to leave. I ran out with my shoes in my hand to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Harry's P.O.V

The alarm went off but Victoria turned it off. I could feel her slowly get out of bed and I let her leave from my arms. It was cold now that she left but where she was sleeping was still warm. I turned over not ready to get up and fell back to sleep. Victoria came back in the room a little later trying to wake me up. She shook me but I moved away.
"Harry, wake up." I didn’t budge.
"Come on wake up." Then she started to hit my face until I finally opened my eyes.
"Morning." She said smiling. I was still to tired to smile back so I did on the inside, even though she couldn’t see it.
"Morning." I managed to say. She got up and left closing the door behind her. I rolled onto my back rubbing my eyes with my pointer finger and thumb. I let out a sigh and dragged myself out of bed. I hopped into the shower and then brushed my teeth. I came out and threw a t-shirt and jeans on before heading out with my carry on over my shoulder.
"Hello." I said as I walked into the kitchen. She was already at the counter eating cereal as I put my bag on a kitchen chair.
"Hi." I walked over to the fridge and grabbed an apple. Louis walked in and smiled before heading to the door.
"Where you going?" I asked him.
"We have to go." He said pointing to the door.
"Already?" He looked at his phone and nodded.
"Yeah, everyone's already downstairs." I threw my apple out and we grabbed my bag. We went to the elevator and waited patiently until it reached the garage. I held on to Victoria's hand as we walked to the van. Paul and the rest of the guys, along with Eleanor and Danielle, were waiting by the car. Paul saw us walk up and said, "All right, everybody in, except for you girls, sorry but we have to go." He said hugging each of them. Danielle hugged and kissed Liam before he hopped in. Eleanor walked to Louis and planted one on him, holding it there for a long time. I pulled Victoria into my side as we piled into the van. She got to hug the girls too before we waved them goodbye. Watching each couple kiss one another goodbye made me realize that saying my goodbye was definitely going to be much harder. I was silent the whole car ride and held Victoria close to me not wasting a minute of the time we had left together.
We got to the airport and had to rush to our gate since we got there later than we should've. Fans were in the airport but we couldn’t stop. Paparazzi cameras were flashing and some people were recording this on video. Our names were being shouted but Victoria's was being shouted loud and clear. I held her hand tightly and we all quietly moved quickly. Paul had to tell them to stop screaming and for the paparazzi to go away but of course no one listened. We made it to the gate and boarded on the plane. We took our seats and it was like the first day we got Victoria. I had the window seat, she was in the middle, and Liam was on the end.
"I wish this plane would never land." I whispered into her ear.
"I know." She said rubbing my hand. I kissed her softly then the flight attendant made an announcement.
"Please fasten your seatbelts; the plane will be taking off momentarily."
The plane eventually took off and afterwards everyone resumed normal activity. We all were on our phones just playing games and tweeting. I set mine aside unable to think clearly; I was to busy thinking about my departure with Victoria.
"Hey babe?" I said.
"Hmm." She said not even looking up. I was going to tell her about what I was thinking but I let it go.
"Never mind." She went back to tweeting away to her fans and what not until I heard something I've been dreading.
"Attention all passengers, we will be arriving shortly in LAX airport, please fasten your seatbelts." I clicked on my seatbelt and held Victoria's hand. She leaned her head on my shoulder as the plane began to land.
"Ladies and gentlemen we have arrived in LA, please unfasten your seatbelts and thank you for flying with Southwest airlines." We all stood up and grabbed our bags. I stayed by Victoria's side as we went to get our luggage and fans came running up to all of us immediately. Victoria started signing autographs like crazy until Paul urged her along. Photos were being taken with the fans for a little while as well until Paul pushed us all along so we could get out of here. I took the last of my bags off of the luggage pick up and Victoria was already standing by Louis hugging him goodbye. All of the boys were a little teary eyed, even Paul.
"I'm gonna miss you kid. Call us if you need anything." He said to her.
"I will." She turned to me and the tears started to fall from her face like a waterfall almost. I walked over to her with open arms and held her tightly. I didn’t want to let go, ever. I wanted her to just come with us and tour along with us but she needed to do her own thing.
"I'm gonna miss you so much." She said crying.
"I'm gonna miss you more." I said feeling my own tears fall. I kissed her passionately, living the moment before it left. She pulled away and I saw that she was wearing the necklace I gave her.
"Keep me in here until I see or talk to you." I said pointing to the hearts. She covered it with her hand.
"I always will." She kissed me again and I enveloped her in another hug.
"Victoria we have to go." I looked up and saw Kathy standing a few feet away. She pulled away from the hug and smiled at me; kissing my cheek before she left. She waved to us as she walked away, wiping her tears as well. She looked back at me and I waved goodbye, she smiled and turned back around. In the distance, fans were rushing to her and Kathy but security helped fight them off. I watched her exit through the doors and I could feel my heart tear.
"Nothing's fine I'm torn." I mumbled under my breath.


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