Dream on


8. Hit sensation

This past week I've been in and out of interviews and broadcasts talking about my album and how amazing it will be. I was so psyched that today was finally the day that it was coming out. All my hard work will finally pay off.
I was sitting in Simon's office while the album was ready to be sold to thousands of fans all over. Only 5 minutes until the doors will open to let them have it.
"We should know what's going on in about 15 to 20 minutes." He said. I sat with Kathy and Paul on the couch while Simon was at his desk waiting by the phone. The guys were at rehearsals and Ryan was busy in the studio with another artist. My friends were tweeting and texting me about how excited they were while they were in school. I decided to turn the TV on to pass time but it turns out I didn’t need to.
"GUYS CHECK THIS OUT!" I screamed staring at the TV. They all moved closer as I turned the volume up on the news.
"Now you can see all the fans here in line for Simon Cowell's new discovery Victoria Casey, whose album is being released to the public in just a few minutes. Fans have been waiting for days by camping outside multiple stores waiting to get their hands on a copy of the album." She started to interview some fans and I couldn’t believe at the massive lines they were showing.
"Sources say that this crowd is even bigger than the ones waiting for One Direction; but why?" She was going around again asking more people on what they thought and their responses were clear:

"She's our age and it's really cool to see someone who's like us perform the way she does."
"I like her style. She's not like one of those wannabe's or fakes, she's real and she shows that."
"I think she's fun and exciting! I love her single, "Club Music"; I play it all the time!"
I kept smiling at everything everyone was saying. The doors finally opened and they showed all the fans running inside. They got a view from the inside of the store and the CD's were flying off of the shelves. More were being put in the empty places but they were gone too. They showed other stores and got close ups of the empty shelves. I couldn’t believe it! The phone rang and I beat Simon to it. I answered quickly and listened carefully at what the person was saying. I put the phone down slowly when they hung up and looked at them with a blank expression.
"What'd they say?" Kathy asked.
"The-they said that we broke records." I said not believing my own words.
"What kind?" Simon said impatiently.
"One Direction's." I said in awe. I started to realize what was going on and began to jump up and down overjoyed. We all began to cheer then Simon raced over to his computer to look at the sales chart.
"We sold over 3 million copies worldwide in less then 8 minutes! You have 5 spots on the Top 10 on Itunes for both pop and overall." We started to cheer again and Kathy called Ryan right away to tell him the news. Simon's phone started to go off like crazy and mine did too. I put it on 3 way so I could listen to Kylie and Harry at the same time.
"Hello!" I said into the speaker.
"Hi!" Kylie said.
"Hey babe." Harry said.
"Oh my god is this Harry Styles?" Kylie shrieked.
"Yeah?" He said.
"EEEK!!" She squealed, I laughed at her fan girl moment.
"I heard about your sell out." He said to me.
"I did too! I preordered mine though." She laughed.
"That's great! I sold more albums then One Direction with over 3 million and counting in less than 8 minutes. Simon's phone started going off the hook!" I said as calm as possible.
"Impressive. Who's calling?" Harry smirked.
"Don't know." I replied.
"Sounds like a celebration is going to happen tonight."
"I wish I was there." Kylie whined.
"Me too Ky! I got to go; I'll talk to you both later." I hung up and turned to Simon who was finishing up his call; he placed the phone down and let out a huge sigh.
"Well?" I asked leaning forward. He let out a big smile; Kathy stepped outside still talking to someone else on her phone.
"That was the CEO of Sony and he said he has a platinum record ready for you along with some other gold records for your success on Itunes. You have at least 20 interviews waiting to happen and something else." He said. I lit up and I was smiling so hard my face started to hurt.
"What else is there?" I asked.
"It's a surprise." He said. I stomped the ground annoyed that he wasn’t going to tell me. Kathy came back in quietly and I jumped into her arms hugging her tightly.
"Did you hear about the records I'm getting?" I asked.
"Yes I did! We have an interview soon about your success, Simon, you'll be coming too." She said looking at him. He nodded agreeing to it and started typing away on his computer in silence, like nothing ever happened. I turned away from him and looked back at Kathy who was still smiling.
"Come on let's go!" She said grabbing my hand.
"What, now?"
"Yeah, it'll take us some time to get there. Simon let's go!" She hollered. He logged off and we left for the interview. Paul went back to stay with the boys and I was kind of nervous since this was pretty big.
"Who's doing the interview?" I asked.
"Well, it's…" Kathy started to say.
"It's on live television." Simon finished. I leaned back into my seat laying my hands on my lap.
"Oh…" I trailed off.
"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Kathy assured me.

We pulled into the lot and there was a mob of screaming fans waiting outside for me; holding posters and wearing puffy painted shirts. They even had some other personalized clothing on.
I stepped out of the car and metal gates and a lot of security held the fans backs as I made my way through to get inside. I heard screams and cries and people shouting my name asking for autographs. I looked to Kathy if I could sign only a few and she let me go on. Security was right there next to me as fans held out markers and things to sign. Questions were being thrown at me like crazy and I started to get a little dizzy from everything. Simon pulled me along and I waved goodbye to the fans as I turned to head inside. Even behind closed doors I could still hear the faint screams of the crowd. I pulled out my phone and texted Harry.

Going on live TV now, tune in to channel 347 for my interview :)

He responded almost immediately.

The boys are all here with Eleanor and Danielle to watch. Break a leg :)
Love you

I smiled at the text and turned my phone onto silent just in case. I was taken behind stage and was introduced to loads of people. I met the host Tracey Morgan of "Talking London" and was then set for final makeup and hair check before going on live TV.
"Have fun!" Kathy said as I walked backstage ready to make my appearance. I was so nervous, shaking in place, until I thought of Harry and everyone. Just watching me; I froze but then regained conscious and prepared myself for what was about to happen next.

"Now today we are very lucky to be having this particular person here with us today. A few hours ago she has broken over 7 records in less than 8 minutes and she's only 14! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Victoria Casey!" The crowd cheered as I walked out, I got a standing ovation and waved to them. I shook hands with Tracey and took a seat in the chair beside hers.
"So Victoria, how do you feel?" She started.
"Fantastic." I beamed a flashy smile.
"Now where were you when all of this happened not to long ago?"
"In Simon's office; we were waiting to hear what happened and I decided to turn the TV on and came across the news and saw everything right there. My manager Kathy and actually One Direction's manager Paul was with me too. Once everyone was let in, all of our phones were ringing like crazy." I explained.
"I bet! You must be really busy now. How do you do it?"
"Honestly, I don't know." I laughed, "It's easy working long hours when you're 14 and juggling about a million things at once."
"It'll get easier. Now a lot of magazines and reporters are talking about you're relationship with 1D, and I hear there's a relationship?" She said raising an eyebrow. I blushed and could feel my cheeks get real hot when she mentioned them.
"We're all close yes." I simply said.
"Now, you're not from here right? Where are you currently staying?"
"At Harry and Louis' flat."
"Really…." She trailed off.
"Yeah, they have a spare bedroom and I stay there. It was awkward at first because before I looked up to them, I still do, but now I got to know them all so well that the uneasiness went away." She nodded thinking about what I just said.
"By now you and Harry have come out about your relationship am I right?"
"How do you manage?"
"It's not easy. We both have our own careers to look out for and with him still being big in the industry and me starting to do the same as well it's hard for us to just be able to 'hang out'."
"What's a typical day like for you then?"
"It depends; usually it's waking up at around 7 a.m. and heading to the studio to record, go to the dance studio to practice, and any interview I have. I don't usually get home till about 8 or sometimes 10 at night."
"Wow. How does Harry feel about that?"
"I don't know. We make up for lost time though." I smiled. The crowd ooh'd and ahh'd making all kinds of lovey-dovey sounds. There were only a few more questions before it ended and I got to go home. When it ended Kathy drove me straight home and I ran to the elevator and waited anxiously for it and then again while it took me to my floor. The doors opened and I sprinted pulling out my keys and shoving it into the lock. I flung the door open and ran to Harry who was on the couch with everyone else.
"HARRY!" I shouted. I jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and I pulled away and kissed him.
"Get a room!" Zayn whined. I turned around and realized that everyone was watching so I picked myself up and sat beside Harry instead.
"Did you see?" I asked them.
"Yes! You looked so cute." Danielle said. I laughed like a little kid.
"I was so nervous but I straightened up quickly."
"Don't be nervous, this is going to be happening a lot now." Louis said. I thought about it.
"Yeah….it will won't it."


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