Dream on


6. By chance you and i

"Look at this place!" Zayn said in awe. The bar place was pretty big. It had a long bar going along the entire wall when you walked in and there was a stage set up in the front with tables set up everywhere else.
"How many?" The hostess said.
"5." Liam said.
"Follow me." It was pretty packed and definitely loud. Our table was towards the stage and we all sat down each grabbing a menu the hostess left.
"This is cute." I said.
"Wait till later, everyone will be wasted." Niall laughed. I raised my eyebrows but Liam assured me not to worry. We ordered our food and chatted while we waited for it to come out.
"So you really cheated in a high heel race?" I asked Niall hysterically laughing.
"Yeah, I took them off half way and was like 'screw this'!" Everyone was tearing up from laughing over the stupidest things.
"You guys seem like you have a lot of fun." I said.
"Oh we do!" Louis said. The waitress came with our food and began handing it out.
"So what's it like living in America?" Zayn asked.
"It's the same here I guess. Although we don't have British accents and we have a different way of saying things. Plus, it's sunny and nice a lot more there then here." I said.
"What about the girls?" Niall asked.
"The same I guess. Though we are more insecure than the ones here."
"You're insecure. Don't know what for." I hit Liam lightly.
"Shut up." I laughed.
"I liked touring America; I can't wait to go back soon." Harry said.
"I bet you will soon." I assured him.
"They were talking about it Harold." Louis joked.
"Don't call me that." He said.
"Fine Curly."
"No." Louis started to laugh at him even though Harry wasn't in the mood to play the name game. I looked at the stage and I recognized the bartender up at the mic.
"Hello everybody!" He shouted. Everyone responded back.
"Tonight as most of you know it an open mic night, meaning you pick the song, we play it for you to sing. Do I have any volunteers?" He asked. I looked at the guys.
"You guys should do it." I encouraged.
"No way." Louis said taking a sip of his beer.
"Why not? You guys do it all the time."
"Exactly, I'm on a break." I rolled my eyes as I watched the first volunteer make her way up to the stage.
"Say your name sweetheart." The bartender said.
"Candace." She was an older woman, a little on the heavy side and kind of scary looking.
"What song do you want?"
"Proud Mary by Tina Turner." I giggled thinking that this wouldn’t end well and I was right.
"Proud Mary keeps on turning! Rolling….rolling…rolling on a river!" She sung her heart out and was dancing like a looney bird. I was bursting out laughing and ended up falling onto Liam still laughing. Everyone else was laughing too since she was a terrible singer and her dance moves were 'interesting'. The song eventually ended and she walked off stage not noticing people were still laughing over her performance.
"One of you should do it." I pleaded.
"How about you little miss rock star?" Harry teased.
"No way, I'm too young." I lied.
"Yeah right!" Zayn said.
"Oh come on, one of you should go!" I said.
"Any more volunteers?" The bartender asked the crowd. I looked back to the guys and the all looked away.
"I'll do it!" Harry shouted pushing his seat back. He walked up to the stage and the bartender handed him the mic. He was talking to Harry for a little bit, guessing he knew who he was and I could here the crowd whispering about him up there.
"What's your name son?" He asked him.
"Harry." He said.
"What song do you want?" Harry whispered into his ear and the bartender nodded before exiting the stage to put the song on. The music started to play and I recognized once he started to sing. My heart melted right away.

"Hi, girl you just caught my eye. Thought I should give it a try. And get your name & your number. Go grab some lunch & eat some cucumbers. WHY, DID I SAY THAT? I don't know why. But you're smilin' & it's something' I like. On your face, yeah it suits you. Girl we connect like we have bluetooth." Liam nudged me while I was focusing on Harry and I looked at him.
"I think he likes you." He said smiling.
"You think? I don't know." I said sarcastically but then broke into a smile. He bumped me playfully and I looked back at Harry.
"You and I could be like Sonny and Cher, Honey and bears. You & I
could be like Aladdin & jasmine. Let's make it happen." His gaze never left mine through the entire song. It ended and he stood on the stage holding the mice firmly slowly moving it to his side. He then walked off stage and took his seat which happened to be next to mine.
"That was beautiful Harry!" As tears started to form in my eyes. He wiped them away and smiled.
"Don't cry." He said. I wiped my eyes to make sure my makeup was still good and pulled myself together.
"Girls." Zayn mumbled under his breath. I snapped my head to face him giving him a glare.
"I wouldn’t be talking Gucci." He shifted in his seat and pouted knowing I got him. The others laughed and we soon left the place. It started to rain pretty hard as we all raced to the car. Liam was the designated driver even though no one was drunk. Before I could get into the dry car I felt a tug on my arm and was spun into Harry's warm grasp, even though he was soaked by now.
"Harry come on." I said.
"Hold on a second." He said smiling.
"Will you go out with me?" I froze looking into his big green-blue eyes.
"Are you sure you don't want an older person?" I shakily said. He shook his head.
"No, I just want to be with you. All those other girls are nothing compared to you." I smirked.
"Well in that case….maybe." I smiled deviously. I loosened up from his tight grip and began to walk away seeing the others were all watching from inside the car. I looked back at him and he looked hurt. I smiled and stomped back over.
"I'm kidding! Of course I'll go out with you." His face lightened up and he leaned down to kiss me in the pouring rain. It felt like one of those corny romantic scenes that make your heart flutter every time you watch them because you wish it was you in that scene. Well, I got my scene, and it was worth waiting for!
We jogged back to the car now completely soaked from head to toe
"Can I say 'Hi' to the new couple?" Zayn asked. Harry and I laughed from the backseat, his arm around my shoulder holding me close to him. I buried my face into his cold, wet chest to prevent anyone from seeing how red I was getting.

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