Forever Young

Liam’s point of view
I heard everything but I didn’t want her to know, it would tear her, she didn't want me to know obviously.
“ I just arrived” I lied, I felt mean not telling her the truth, but by the looks of it Delilah knew I was lying and asked Rebeca if she could leave the room for five minutes and she did.


7. Will you ever wake up? and Baby girl I love You!


  *1 month passed*
I was sitting beside Rebeca's bed, crying, It had been a month and she still wasn't awake, she died, I just knew it. I let go of her hand and got up kiss her forehead and got up and opened the door.
"What happened?"  A  girls voice peered into my ears. IT WAS REBECA!
"GUYS REBECA IS UP!!!" I ran towards her and kissed her. She didn't kiss back she just stared at me like if I was stupid and she hit me across the face.
"where's your girlfriend, go kiss her instead" she spatted
"you are my girlfriend" I told her, just then the boys came in. Niall came and hugged her.
Rebeca's point of view
Who are they? One said that I was his girlfriend, well that was weird.
"I was so scared from losing you" the blonde kid said.
"who are you guys?" they all flinched at what I said, all four girls burst into tears.
"did I do something wrong?" I said ever do slowly.
"You forgot about us!" the curly headed guy spatted at me and stormed off.
"WE are so sorry" a guy with light brown hair said " my name is Liam, Liam Payne. Guys and the four girls can I talk to you?" the people in the room all nodded. They left the room, then minutes later they walked back in except the curly one.
"Hey Liam" I said
"hello Rebeca, this is Niall, Claudia, Camille, Zayn, Brittany, Ashley and Louis, the one that has a curly head is Harry"
"OH" they passed a whole bunch of photos that I'm with them, there was one of Niall and I, I read the back.. ' BEST FRIEND EVER' then one with Harry that I was kissing Harry. So I guess we were going out. The doctor said I could go to my house, the guys gave me my clothes and I got changed. We arrived home and I fell asleep. I woke up it was 5 p.m time to eat, I went downstairs to see Harry I smiled and he returned it.
"supper is already, ready" I knew somewhere I still loved him.
"I know but I guess I rather sit beside you" I smiled and put his arm around my shoulder, and kissed my cheek, HEAVEN!! He started kissing me, then into a make out session, nobody was home, he brought me to his room not breaking the kiss, my legs wrapped around his waist.
He started kissing my jaw line and my neck. His hands went up my shirt , I didn't stop him. Then I unbuttoned his shirt and pants. Well then you know what happens.
*the thing happens*
 All I could think of was Harry and how much I loved him , everything about him was nice, too bad I forgot about everything though.
*A week passes*
I didn't feel too well, I went to go buy pregnancy test with Claudia and Camille they knew because I told them, but it's not like if Harry didn't say it. We arrived at the shop I bought at least six to make sure. When we went home, Harry was there and was looking at me curiously, I just ran upstairs into the washroom. I went to Claudia's room where Camille they both were.
"I'm pregnant" I said 
It was finally time! I had a new baby bump, Claudia and Zayn waited 4 months just in case something happened. I was really happy, five more months and this sucker is coming out. Claudia had her babies 2 months ago, Tammy and Thomas : this was Tammy: and this was Thomas : he looked exactly like when his dad was younger. They were twins, but not identical as you can see. Camille too had her baby Nicolas: so cute!! I was wearing my maid of honor dress which was blue. With my little baby bump. I walked down the aisle thinking  this will be me one day, and thought just hope Harry will ask me or maybe he already did , I also wonder  why I have an engagement  ring with a necklace around my neck, that read  I love you Rebeca, can't believe your mine. I smiled as Claudia came up in her dress.
*marriage over now at after party*
 I was taking care of the three kids, Tammy and Thomas plus Nicolas. I soon got a text from an unknown person.
changed your name back... I like it, but beware maybe just maybe your baby will die again .OR Harry will cheat on you I mean did you see this picture, isn't this at your Best friend's wedding?? Sad, hope it's not true but sadly it is. XOXO - Your worst nightmare
I was scared, then memories past through my head, and when I got hit by the car... everything was making sense. Then I got two text from two diffrent people, first Liam then Louis girlfriend, Ashley.
Hey got a Girlfriend my mind is off of you now, but we are still friends right? -Lili
I texted him back right away.
"yes xx"
Then I read Ashley's text.
I'm pregnant....
I laughed , then turned dead serious, oh god , that's good. Then someone knocked on my door, I went to check and no one was there. I saw a picture of a blonde, kissing Harry, but you could see his hands trying to push her away, I think. He arrived as I shut the front door and I ran upstairs, to my room. He knocked on my bedroom door and I didn't answer so he came and saw me.
"who is she, why is she better than me?" I questioned
"a bit**, and she isn't she was just some desperate girl, trying to get a guy while I was pushing her back, news travel fast, way too fast."
"It's Taylor isn't it?"
"No, and how do you remember her?"
"It's not her, I swear, it was just some desperate girl, trying to get a guy while I was pushing her back, news travel fast, way too fast."
" oh okay" was all that came out. The night passed, nothing happened like the text said it would.
*11  months passed*
I had my baby, it's been eleven months, I was proud so was Harry, Darcy was our little girl. She was beautiful.
"mawm" I stared and shrieked it was her first word.
"mommy!" the others screamed, Tammy, Thomas and Nicholas.
I looked at the others and Claudia and Camille went to see the boys and the girl.                 
"daddy!" the others screamed, Tammy, Thomas and Nicholas.
I looked at the others and Zayn and Niall went to see the boys and the girl.
"Dawd" she said again, oh my god. I was so happy. Darcy had Harry's curls, my eyes and nose and Our face mixed weird but adorable and cute!! This was her : , The next day was my marriage. My dress was puffy and certainly not simple. The place was at a church but it was so beautiful. I was glad, the after party was short because I had to take care of Darcy. Though I was wearing this  a kind of shirt dress with jeans , we walked back home, my hand intertwined with Harry's, Darcy in my arms. In the end she was on Harry's shoulders.
*4 months after*
Camille got married and her dress was puffy but simple. Beautiful is it? We went to her after party but we left early again. Now we just got to wait for Liam and Louis to have kids.


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