Forever Young

Liam’s point of view
I heard everything but I didn’t want her to know, it would tear her, she didn't want me to know obviously.
“ I just arrived” I lied, I felt mean not telling her the truth, but by the looks of it Delilah knew I was lying and asked Rebeca if she could leave the room for five minutes and she did.


3. Sharing rooms?!


  I walked up to Rebeca’s room. Hospital room. She was still unconscious. I was scared. Rebeca was my best friend ever since I was a baby I was only A day of difference she was younger than me of a day. She was like a un-identical twin. We always thought the same, she understood everything because she lived the same thing as me.  Though this had to happen...
“D-D-Delilah?” a voice stuttered.
I turned my head and saw Rebeca. Her eyes glassy. I quickly ran towards her and hugged her. She hugged backed but groan in pain.
“ow” she said slowly.
“ I’m sorry”
“It’s okay” she replied and smiled slowly.
“Don’t, anyway I got a question for you... Is your dad in prison?”
“yes and he’s staying there for the rest of his life!” I almost screamed.
She almost jumped out of the hospital bed. I giggled to myself.
Rebeca’s point of view
Once my eyes fluttered open and that I talked to Delilah a bit the doctor came in.
“Ms. Rebeca?” he asked probably looking if I was awake, which I was.
“Yes?”  I asked.
“your free to go, nothing bad really happened you had just lost lots of blood but you’re fine now”
B-b-blood. Oh god that was something that  made me wanna puke! But no I wasn’t going to happily .
“ thank you for everything” I say as I walk off. Delilah checked me out of the hospital. We went back to her  nice house. The house I got shot at, I know right, youpiie. Even though I wasn't that excited, I was happy that Delilah was okay.
“ I bought tickets for us to go back to where my cousin lives, London”
I couldn’t just leave Claudia and Camille here they were her best friends too, but I was better, no I’m just kidding. 
“ I can’t” that’s all that came out of my mouth.
Delilah’s point of view
 “ I bought tickets for us to go back to where my cousin lives, London”  I say
 “ I can’t” that’s all that came out of her mouth.
“ and why not?” I asked her with a sad expression.
“well, you know your two other best friends? .... Claudia and Camille well I live in a apartment with them and well I can’t just leave them...”
I looked at her for a second. I had an idea.
“they can come!” I practically shout.
“ f-f-fine , I’ll call them” she finishes.
She takes out her phone and calls them, then all of the sudden I hear screaming then Rebeca said something I couldn't understand at all, I was sneaky and proud of it! I heard  people screaming which irritated my ears but by the looks of it nobody really cared, so why should I? well I'll tell you why.... I don't know, got that? good 'cuz I really don't know why I should care. It will also stay that way. I couldn't wait to tell the girls that I'm living with one direction and oh no this was bad very bad! I needed to tell Niall that there was three girls coming also. Well I'll tell you  about Camille then Claudia physically. This is Camille, 18 years old, dirty blond, curly hair, blue eyes and this is Claudia, 18 years old long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, now you have met them but not personally.
The girls and I packed to go to.. LONDON!
* A day passes*
We arrived at London and it was pretty amazing, I called Niall to see where he was and also tell him that I had three friends over. I'm proud. Well not exactly because he kind of yelled at me but I told him it was three girls and he shut up immediately. Oh and I had also forgot to tell the girls. To tell them that I was living with one direction.
"AHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" all the girls screamed at the same time. I just stared.
"what it's our favorite band" Camille said defensively.
"ya, sorry we will act like if we don't know a thing." stated Claudia. I just took a big look at Rebeca, she whispered in my ear.
"my favorite one is Liam" and she giggled and so did I.
We were on our trip to our new flat... the boys flat. Once we got there well we saw all the boys with a grin on their faces. So did we. When we first walked in, we were wearing almost the same thing.
I will let you guys on a little something. Rebeca was the most serious out of us even though it didn't seem like it, Camille ate a lot but never gained anything and Claudia loved her reflection, you can't even see her without a pocket mirror, what's that you ask? a mini mirror,  and I had this kind of sister romance with Rebeca, Sismance , like we call it. I introduce Liam first to Rebeca because of what she told me, she blushed when she shook his hand, how cute, then I was guessing, just guessing that Camille had a crush on Niall, I mean when you see a tattoo with a heart and the name Niall it's pretty obvious, so I told her I could see her and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one.
"Camille, we see your tattoo" I whispered, she blushed a lot and pulled down her shirt.
"thanks for telling me" she said still quite shy.
"Telling what?" Louis asked.
"nothing" we said in unison.
The boys all stared at us so did Claudia and Rebeca. Rebeca was so close to Liam that she was blushing.
Rebeca's point of view
I turned to notice I was really close to Liam which probably make me blush  A LOT.
"you okay love?" I turn to see Liam looking concerned.
"uh-eh-eh-uh - ya" was all I was able to get out of my stupid mouth. Then we re-did the sleeping arrangements because there was some already done.
"okay who doesn't mind sleeping in a same room as a girl' Delilah said, all the boys put up their hands except Louis.
"okay" Delilah continued. "Harry with me" I heard him do a little 'yes' sound which made me giggle.
"Niall with Camille" Camille shot up her head and stared at her and them at me and Claudia.
"Claudia and Zayn" she did the same as Camille.
"AND.... Rebeca with Liam" my eyes shot up, I looked around the room, shot Delilah a glare and smiled cheaply at the rest of them.
Then I was about to go to the room, but I realized that I didn't know where it was, so I tapped on Liam's' shoulder and he turned around.
"Yes?" he asked and I almost fainted.
"I-I-I- I don't know where the room is" I smile slowly, why was I stuttering so much... I felt bad. He smiled and took my hand to pull me to show me where it was.
"thanks" I said.
"no problem" he smiled and stayed there and I suddenly forgot that I was sleeping in the same room as him. I turned and saw a bathroom linked with our room so I went in and changed into my pajamas.  I went back and headed to bed.
Camille's point of view
I looked at Niall and then touched my tattoo, I smiled and he smiled back, hope he didn't see it, I started walking down the hall , but then I walked back.
"don't know where it is do, ya? "he asked with his Irish accent being so strong.
"n-n-o" I replied. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. He lead me to his room.
"I'll be sharing half of me bed with you" he said his bed was pretty big so I just nodded. I went off to bed and just put a big loose t-shirt and jogging pants.
Claudia's point of view
I was lost I was walking down the hall and then I hit into somebody. Zayn.
"oh my god, I'm so sorry" I said very fast.
"It's fine, follow me I'll show you my room" he said and grabbed my hand ever so lightly and walked. He didn't want to sleep with me in the same bed because he wanted to know me more, so we stayed up until five in the morning and finally fell asleep in his strong arms.
*7 hours pass*
It was 12 p.m. in the afternoon when I woke up in Zayn’s arm, for a shy guy he was very  huggy, we can say. I tried to get out of his arms, I struggled and did as much as I can so he would let go of me, but he didn’t.
Camille’s point of view
I woke up, OH MY GOD, it was 12 p.m. , but Niall was still asleep, holding me tight, I tried to move but he held on tighter. I looked up and got kissed on the cheek. I blushed, Niall had a huge grin. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and did what I usually do... WASH UP!  I got out of the washroom all dressed, the bathroom was linked with Niall and my room. He winked at me and I blushed almost running out of the room.
Rebeca’s point of view
I woke up. Ya it was 12 p.m. Wow sometimes I wake up late, the door opened, it revealed Delilah.
“Hey, whatcha doin’ up?” I asked her.
“Twin tethalapy” she said.
“okay, so I actually didn’t know that we had that” She smiled and nodded.
I walked up to her and she looked me straight in the eyes.
“you like him, I know you already told me but, it’s way too obvious”  Oh Crap..
I heard the door opened and Liam was there. Was he listening? How long was he there? Did he know? All these questions passed through my head.
“How long have you been here?” I asked actually scared.

-A/N- I'm so sorry the chapaters are short, It's because im putting to chapters together so instead of having 12 there will be six that is if i dont add more- XoxoX- Red-


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