Forever Young

Liam’s point of view
I heard everything but I didn’t want her to know, it would tear her, she didn't want me to know obviously.
“ I just arrived” I lied, I felt mean not telling her the truth, but by the looks of it Delilah knew I was lying and asked Rebeca if she could leave the room for five minutes and she did.


6. New life, new look.


  Rebeca's point of view
I was tired of looking all so glum, so I went for a new look, I dyed my hair red got a tattoo of a heart and pierced my stomach and nose, changed my name for 5 million eruo's.  So that is the new me. My new name is..... Olivia. This is my baby bump now , about six months, I think I'll call her Jessica and yes it's A girl and I'm now at six months like I said.
Delilah's point of view
I changed my old looks too new the old ones terrified me , reminded me of Rebeca and the two other sluts, but these are the new ones... my new hair  is blonde  that arrives to my back,  my new piercing is an eyebrow piercing. Like it? My new name is Samantha. 
Claudia's point of view
I was walking with Rebeca, ugh I mean OLIVIA. She changed everything because of Delilah. Delilah wouldn't stop insulting her, being a bitch to her, and I hated it! Seriously! We were walking to go eat ice cream. Olivia was on the phone with Harry... her BOYFRIEND!! Zayn was walking beside me, our fingers intertwined.
"okay, bye babez" Olivia said.
"SOOOOOOO......" I sang romantically.
"so what? " she looked confused.
"is he coming?"
"yup" she answered.
Then, I got a text, you know those girls Brittany and Ashley, well there now our friends.. they replaced Delilah. Well Ashley is now dating Louis, he broke up with Eleanor, poor guy. I got a text,  the text read.
think I'm polite wait 'till tomorrow morning. Everything will go WRONG- Your worst nightmare
I looked at Brittany, she didn't have her phone,  okay that was creepy I thought. We arrived at ' Frozen Ice Cream Shop' I saw a blonde,
" YUCK" I said a little bit too loud, My little babies in my stomach was kicking, It was a little girl and boy, got twins, Tammy and Thomas.
"Ouch" I shouted, everyone looked at me weirdly.
"my baby kicked" I mumbled
"it's fine babe" Zayn always knew how to make me happy, and as I thought that he kissed my forehead. The blonde I screamed 'yuck' turned around and looked at me. She was with Liam.
"Hey Liam, How's life been" I asked, whenever Olivia was with Harry at the flat he wouldn't stay, he found she reminded he too much of Rebeca, frequently it is her but he doesn't know that but she does.
"uhh, fine, Hey Olivia" His voice broke at the end.
"Hey" she said and didn't look back.
"how are you"
"um, fine I got to go take a call" She said and ran off ... wow'
"Ya, so who's your girlfriend?" Niall asked.
"her name is Samantha"
"OH" Olivia came back and sighed. We saw Harry arrive. Then Samantha came to see Liam , and started making out, no, just no.
Olivia's point of view (rebeca's)
Then Samantha came to see Liam , and started making out, no, just no.
"Hey your name is Olivia right?"
"well, you're pretty"
"thanks, I guess"
"hahaha, love the tattoo"
"thanks, how long have you been dating Liam?"
"around two months, his girlfriend before was such a slut" I didn't want to respond but all that came out was.
"what's your name?" I asked
"you remind me of someone Samantha, but in the good way, we should be friends"
"ya" was all she said.
Harry arrived and grabbed my waist.
"Hey Harry remember me, you were dating me before that piece of crap" Samantha said pointing to me, I just stayed shocked.
"Who are you?" he asked as politely as he can.
"so sorry never dated a 'Samantha' "
"oh , that wasn't my name before" she smirked at me.
"then what was it"  Harry asked.
"de..   what?"
"Delilah ,you cheating bastard!" Samantha screamed.
I was shock, I wanted to jump on her. Kill HER.I slapped her across the face. Walked away. Chill right? I went to Harry's flat he came with me. My little Jessica kicked me.
"you don't need him, I can be a better dad, go get dressed imma bring you on a date" Harry said. I didn't refuse. I went to get dressed, a blue short dress , well to my knees, not being slutty. We went to this place a balcony in the middle of nowhere but it was cute, and we went and sat on this  kind of swing, he grabbed my hand.
"will you marry me?"
"can I be the dad of your baby?"
"Of course babe"
Harry's Point of view
Claudia's point of view
I was scared Zayn wanted to talk to me alone, I always hate that.
"yup" I said popping the 'p'
"will-" he stopped
"will- I what?"
"will you marry me? I'll be a great dad I promise." he asked. I had a baby bump of 6 months too like Olivia. I stayed shocked...
"YES!" I shouted, We kissed.
Zayn's point of view
Camille's point of view
"yup" I said popping the 'p'
"will-" Niall stopped
"will- I what?" I cocked my eyebrow
"will you marry me? I'll be a great dad I promise. pleeeaaassseee" He always had to make something cute.  I had a baby bump of 6 months too like Olivia and Claudia. I stayed shocked...
"YES!" We kissed and he put the ring on my finger.
Niall's point of view
Olivia's point of view
Because Samantha became blonde voluntary, she also started to wear weird things, in my opinion anyway. Today she came to see Liam. She knocked on the door, since I was the only one up I opened the door. It revealed her dressed like this, in a yellow suit. I looked at her weirdly. Liam came from the hall way. He smiled once he saw me, then his smile faded just a tad when he saw Samantha.
"hey Sammy" Liam said. 'Ew gross' was what I was thinking.
"hey Lili" my heart sank.... LILI?? she really had the courage to say that in front of me.
" Oh and why did you slap me yesterday" Samantha spatted at me.
"maybe because I'M REBECA, and you called me a piece of crap " Liam looked at me shocked and opened his mouth to speak.  I talked before.
"don't talk Liam, all that will come out of your mouth is what's going to come out 2 months ago." I spatted at them, mostly him.
"Reddie, we need to talk"
"fine, but dont call me that " I mumbled the word 'fine' but spatted ' but dont call me that' at him.
"not without me Lili" Samantha said.
She was following us everywhere, EVERYWHERE!
"look i'm sorry what happened 2 months ago, do you forgive me?" we were on our way to cross the street the light had just turned green where we were heading. I was about to cross the street when there was a car coming, I also got a text, from a unknown person.
Hey precious,
might wanna watch your back, looks like poor  Jessica will die soon, don't say I never warned you. XOXO - Your worst nightmare
 I knew it wasn't Brittany, I had her phone number and it would of said her name at the end. So who was it? Just as I re-read the message, and about to show it to Liam, Samantha pushed me in front of a car, Liam tried to save me but I pushed him away so he wouldn't get hurt. Then all I heard was..
"REBECA!!!!" even though my new name was Olivia.
Liam's point of view
"REBECA!!!!" I screamed even though her new name was Olivia. Police and Ambulance sirens were going off.
"what's your problem Samantha?!" I shouted I was furious, I still had feelings for her, Olivia.
" I thought I was doing a favor, doing that" she pointed at Olivia who was possibly dead. The police came, and over heard Samantha talk.
"excuse me, miss were you the one that did this?" the police officer questioned
"um..erm.. no" she finished.
"don't play stupid we over heard you talking with this fine gentle men. come with me" he paused and arrested her.
" I BREAK UP SAMANTHA!" I exclaimed. She probably didn't hear me.
The ambulance brought Olivia to the hospital Emergency.
"Was she pregnant" a guy asked
"yes" I answered simply.
"who's the father?"
I wanted  to answer ME, but I didn't.
"Harry, Harry Styles"
"His number so we can contact him"
"ok thank you" he dialed his number. It rang 3 times before it answered. His phone was loud, I heard everything.
"hello, is this Mr. Styles?"
"yes why?"
"your girlfriend or fiancé, got pushed  in front of a car and is now injured"
"WHAT?!, I'm coming right now, which hospital?"
Harry's point of view
"WHAT?!, I'm coming right now, which hospital?" I asked
" it' hospital Parkks Paradise."
"okay" is all I said. The guys looked at me weirdly so did Claudia and Camille. It didn't seem  long to Liam I guess but IT had been two hours they were gone.
"LETS GO, OLIVA, HOSPITAL ... Parkks Paradise NOW" was all I was able to say before running out of the door, everyone jumped in the car/van and l drove. I stopped in front of it and ran inside like a crazy maniac.  We arrived inside, it seemed like a doctor was waiting for us.
"right this way, Mr. Styles " we followed him in , 3 months after the baby was born we were getting married, I was scared what happened if she didn't survive.
"I'm so sorry Mr. Styles but your baby died, you lost your baby"  My baby? I looked at Liam, he was crying. I was too by the time of it. I went to Olivia's side, grabbed her hand. I intertwined our fingers, took her engagement ring off. Took my chain off my neck and put her ring there and put it around her neck. I whispered.
"If you die, I promise I'll never let you go you will be in my heart forever no one will replace you.." kissed her and sat beside her.
Claudia's and Zayn's point of view
We had to cancel our marriage, not 'we had to' but because we wanted to wait for Olivia, it wouldn't be fair. I already had my wedding dress though. Plus I also wanted to get married on the beach which we will, and we didn't really cancel it we moved it up. This was my dress was simple not puffy , no design,  just simple and  this is where it would be happening ...AT THE BEACH, I know I said it already but I can't wait!! . It was really amazing.
Harry's pint of view
 I really wanted to KILL Samantha right now, she probably killed Olivia, which TODAY I'm changing her name back to Rebeca.
*one hour passed*
It was done her name was back to Rebeca. Maybe just maybe one day when I'll have a kid it will be called Olivia. NAH I'll find something else. It was night now, and I wasn't able to fall asleep, there was this song passing through my mind,  well two, moments and heartbreak cover up.  


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