Forever Young

Liam’s point of view
I heard everything but I didn’t want her to know, it would tear her, she didn't want me to know obviously.
“ I just arrived” I lied, I felt mean not telling her the truth, but by the looks of it Delilah knew I was lying and asked Rebeca if she could leave the room for five minutes and she did.


2. Are you sure this isn't a mistake?


  The day past. No I didn't, I didn't tell him, I made something up.
"Harry? Can I tell you something?" I asked him.
"Sure, what is it?"
"Well it's actually a question" I lied. Why did I chicken out!
“o.k. " he looked at me confused.
"Can we go swimming?" I said with a huge grin on my face.
“Is it the only reason you asked me to come?" he asked looking a bit disappointed. It hurted me not being able to tell him because I was too chicken.WHY?!
“Yes " my smiled faded.
"But it's five" we went home and I finally said that we will go a other time.
"Oh, right.."
*flashback over*
So, no I didn't tell him and I feel stupid. But I had to be happy today was my birthday, and tomorrow I left, let's be unhappy again. I slept in until three in the afternoon.  The guys didn't know I overheard them talk about my birthday party.
"Get ready her birthday party is in two hours" I heard Niall say. I giggled and grabbed my dress and shoes. I heard someone knock on the door and say my name. So I opened the door but so he can only see my head.
"ARE YOU NAKED???!!!" Harry screamed
"NO!!!" I screamed back giggling.
"O.k. anyway, get ready we are brining you somewhere."  I know that..
"o.k."  I started to giggle. I started to curl my hair because my hair was usually straight. So when I went down stairs I looked like this, My dress was the green one that fell all the way to my feet. My hair was curly , my eye make-up was green and sparkly and my shoes were the black high heels,  but because I don't usually wear high heels I brought my converses in my purse. Nobody even noticed.  Don't worry it was black converses. 
I arrived downstairs and all the guys gasped, they were wide-eyed and their mouth was open, Harry whispered 'oh my god' but just loud enough for me to hear it. Once I arrived beside him he whispered in my ear.
" you look great, beautiful, it suits you well."
"thanks, your not to bad yourself" I giggled.
There was only five places in the car, and I was happy that I sat on Harry's lap, except the fact that he had a girlfriend. He pulled me close and held my waist. I looked down at him and blushed from how close we were. This was going to end up bad, I was going to end up being a home wreaker.  He kissed my cheek and I became almost as red as a tomato, it was that bad. Well it wasn't bad, just surprising, but when his lips touched my cheek I felt a shiver go down my back. I was totally surprised. Blushing completely. I felt embarrassed while Louis, Liam and Zayn all said...
"look Delilah's blushing" and Niall gave me a death stare. He knew Harry had a GIRLFRIEND.
Harry's point of view
The guys all cooed.
"Look Delilah's blushing" I'm pretty sure niall gave her and me a death stare. I know it's bad but I'm more attracted to her then Taylor, I don't know why either. We go out of the car.
"Vas happen' between you and Delilah, Harry?" Zayn asked and I knew at the moment he said her name I went weak in the knees and I probably blushed ALOT.
"Nothing man, I just really like her thats all."
Zayn looked at me and smiled.
"Don't listen to Niall man, go for her, and break it off with Taylor first though..." Zayn was usually there for me. Then all the guys came around me except Niall.
" I guess I can share you with her" Louis said and I laughed. He had a great sense of humor.
"Go for it" Liam said. I stood there for a moment thinking how did they all know I liked her, I know my move in the car was pretty obvious but Delilah only blushed, it could of been because she was sitting on my lap. I mean, I'm me..
"Wait, how do you guys know?"
"Zayn texted us" Louis said happily.
I stared at  Zayn.
"Did you also text Niall.?" I asked.
"Of course he won't want, it's his cousin." I said.
*during the party*
While the party was going on, I felt someone tug on my arm. I turned around to see Niall motioning for me to come. So I did.
"I know you like Delilah , I got the text" I stared at him not saying anything letting him continue " I give you permission to go out with her, break it off with Taylor first , then go make her fall for you, but promise me you won't break her heart" he said with a smile. I nodded. I ran to Delilah turned her around and I KISSED HER. There were flashes... Camera flashes, CRAP! paparazzi.
Delilah's point of view
I get turned around by somebody and he kissed me.
Flashes... Camera flashes, CRAP! paparazzi. What about TAYLOR??!!
 It was wonderful. I continued kissing him, Harry , I knew it was him from the way he held my waist. I knew because the way he held my waist in the car, in the kitchen I just knew it was him.  I backed my head away and looked at him right in my eyes.
" Think you can get me to fall for you that easy ,hey , Styles , don't forget about Taylor"
"Well I thought I could get you easily if I kissed you, you know you can't resist me and about Taylor I have to break it off."
I giggled. He got me alright, I wanted to continue to kiss but I didn't.
"Delilah?" Harry said.
"Ya?" I turned around.
"Can I talk to you?" He asked.
"Sure, what's up Styles?"
"Do you feel the same way that I feel about yo--DELILAH!" I blacked out, I couldn't think, I fell to the ground, I think, well if I didn't the moment of pain in my back hurt and alot.
Harry's point of view
"Do you feel the same way that I feel about yo--DELILAH!" she fell into my arms. She blacked out.
"We need to get her to a hospital!" I screamed.
" I told you to make her fall for you, not BLACKOUT!" Niall screamed back at me.
"I didn't do anything we were just TALKING!" he stared and then nodded, got out a phone and dialled 911. The ambulance arrived. They grabbed Delilah while I was holding her hand. They told me to let  go of her hand but I didn't want to. I never wanted to. Finally I did.
Delilah's point of view
 I woke up in a room. It looked like my old room of when I was young, it was my room. I was at home, where my dad lives.
"Hey sweetie" I heard someone say. I sat up and saw him, I saw my dad. He looked perfectly normal, but was he? I had no idea that I arrived here, I don't even know how.
" H-hey?" I asked, even though I wanted to say it.
"How's my sweetie been?"
"F-f-fine" I stuttered.
He walked up to me, and held me into a tight hug like he did when I was four, maybe he did become normal after all. My phone rang.
I answered it.
"Hey Delilah." It was Harry.
"Hey Harry"
"How are you?" he asked.
"Never mind that question, because I'm fine , but where is Niall?!"
" He is still he-"
"HAR- !"
Harry's point of view
" He is still he-"
"HAR-!"  everything stopped  , the line cut.
Zayn came into my room,
"Vas happen'" he asked.
" I was talking to Delilah and the line cut"
"NIIIIIAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!" Zayn shouted.
"Wo, what's all the yelling about , ei" Niall came in the room calmly with the four other boys. We , when I say we I mean I , so I explained everything. Niall was shocked and A LOT. He booked five plane tickets to get to America, before you knew it we were on our way. 
Deliah's point of view
Where is my dad? The line cut, I lost connection with him, the one I loved. No I wasn't going out with him, but doesn't matter I still like him. He had Taylor. I heard someone knocking on the door , the door downstairs. I went downstairs to open the door and someone hit me in the back of the head and my head hit the door.
Rebeca's point of view
Hey, I'm Rebeca, I'm 17 years old. I'm Delilah's best friend, I can't really explain anything I'll explain later so I have short brown hair and brown eyes.
I knocked on the door. I heard someone come downstairs. YES! I was going to see Delilah again , I was so excited. I hear the doorknob turn. All of the sudden I hear a big 'thump' on the door.
"You're not getting out of here you little br--" I heard someone say. Someone also screamed. I did karate for a bit, I mean 5 years, but anyways. I kicked the door open, you know when you kick the door knob and it opens well that’s what I did. When the door opened it revealed Delilah, but on the ground. I saw her dad with a chair in his hands. He shot me a death stare. I ran that’s all I could think of, but I didn’t want to leave Delilah all alone with that crazy maniac.  I dialed 911.
“Hello, this is 911 what is you emergency?”
“ My friend – her dad- on the floor—“
“Please madam calm down.”
“ I can’t calm down! It’s my best friend and she’s on the floor and her dad was with a chair in his hands while I heard a big ‘thunmp’ at the door do you think I'll calm down!”
“We will be there, where are you?”
“I’m right outside her house, but you got to come quick her dad saw me, he’s going to come after m-”
“Madam? .... Madam??”
Delilah’s point of view
I woke up. My dad was nowhere to be seen. I got up. I looked outside. Rebeca was there. My dad had a gun in his hands pointing it to her.
“Dad no!” I screamed. I heard a gunshot and someone scream. I ran outside a pool of  blood was around Rebeca. Tears started running down my eyes onto my cheeks which stung, I touched my cheek and there was blood on them. I was cut along the cheek to my jaw line.  I heard a police siren. My dad started running and shouted at me.
“If you tell where I'm off to I swear Delilah your dead to me!”
“I will tell ‘cuz I know exactly where you are going!”  I didn't know...
The police arrived or how I like to call them the PO-PO, wait I didn’t call them. UGH who cares.
“Delilah” I heard a faint voice whisper. I darted towards Rebeca hoping it was her. Her eyes were open.
“REBECA!” I screamed. I held her in my arms. Why her.. I just got her back, my Best Friend 'til the end.
* 2 days past*
We were still in the hospital. I got my cheek checked up in case it was bad but it wasn’t. Rebeca though we don’t know yet she might, just might die.
The boys arrived. Harry had a worried expression on his face. He ran up to me as fast as he could.
“are you okay?!” he shout/whispered.
“ya, but my best friend Rebeca might not be, and it’s all ‘cuz of me” I started to sob.
“no it’s not” the boys all said.
I felt bad. But today was the day I get to know if she lived or not. 


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