Forever Young

Liam’s point of view
I heard everything but I didn’t want her to know, it would tear her, she didn't want me to know obviously.
“ I just arrived” I lied, I felt mean not telling her the truth, but by the looks of it Delilah knew I was lying and asked Rebeca if she could leave the room for five minutes and she did.


1. Where would I be without you?


  Hey there, I’m Delilah, I'm 16 years old, my mom used to say I had the bluest eyes, and have really black hair. My straight black hair that arrived to my shoulders.
The reason why I say used is, well, because she died. She died when I was four. She gave me a necklace. It was a heart and my name carved in it. It’s not on most pictures  though because I don’t wear it when I’m with my cousin. Niall. He is usually really sweet and also, he eats a lot. My little sister lived with me until, well she got caught stealing which I’m not proud of ,but  she became like that only because my dad is mentally crazy. Who shot her in the leg. Now I’m in a foster home with 16 other kids. I loved taking photos, but at the foster home they were always taking it away, everything I bought they threw it out, but once I got tired so I ran away, but I really wish my mom was here, my dad was normal, my sister too. Though I had a feeling I ain't ever getting them back.
“Mommy, please don’t go” I said crying.
“Boobear I have to” she replied.
“Why!?” I started yelling.
“It’s my work” she said tearing up.
I ran into my room, she didn’t even bother coming to see me. Once I heard the car leave my dad came to my room.
“Hey sweetie” he said.
“Go away” I mumbled, he rubbed my back and held my hand, put something in my hand. I looked up and it was the necklace.
My name was in the back of the necklace. I looked up, and I ran out the door, in the road, I ran as fast as I could, I ran all the way to the airport.  Which was 5 minutes away. Even though I was four, my dad let me run to go see her. But he drove there, once I ran inside, I screamed as I saw her.
“Boobear” she pulled me in a hug. I cried in her shoulder, and then her flight number was called.
“I got to go boobear” she let me go and smiled, a sad smile.
My dad arrived and found me, picked me up and hugged me in a tight hug, and he headed to the car. Once we got home everything changed.
*flashback over*
The doorbell rang. I went running downstairs, I was now in another foster home, but this time Niall was old enough to take me in, thankfully, as I opened the door I saw him.
“Hey!” I screamed joyfully
“Hey little cous.”  He said happily. And walked into the  Foster house, I showed him my room which was now just white nothing left behind, I think,  I brought my suitcase to the car, well what I thought was a car until I was mistaken it was actually a tour bus, Which was quite weird.
“You’re famous!?” I asked shocked but not certain.
“Yeah, why?” he asked. Because I didn’t have any T.V. I didn’t know anything, which technically meant I didn't know if he was alone or with other people, and I was not a people person. We arrived in the tour bus, there are six bunks, Why six? Did that mean they were more? I found pretty quick.
"I'm hungry" Niall whined.
" In here!" Someone yelled. British accent, I'm half British , half Irish. Then all of the sudden four boys barged into the room. That means they're five and with me we are six. I had to sleep underneath  the curly headed, green eyed like the emerald diamond, guy.
"Delilah, this is Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam" he said pointing each one. Harry was the one I found cute, it was terrifying I didn't know if they were going to be nice or mean.
 "Hello love, I’m Harry" Harry turned around to probably see if Niall was there. Why? What was he going to do? I was scared but shook it off and responded.
“Hi?” I said almost like a question.
“How are you?” he looked at me, and mostly just stared.
“I’m fine how about you?”
“Good” he turned around again. It was like if he was worried about something. I need to know what though!!?
Harry’s point of view
“Good” I turned around to see if Niall was there. I was super worried, I mean a girl like her, is awesome... She was awesome, I think, I never met her, but her hair flows perfectly to her shoulders, her eyes were a wicked blue, and I'm not just saying that.
“So…” she said breaking the awkwardness.
“Sooo…..” I said not knowing what to reply. Well this was going to be awkward.
“What were you guys doing?” she asked as her sweet voice almost whispered in my ear.
“Swimming” I said.
“o.k.” she said. “Can I come along?” she asked.
“Sure” I said, I wasn't going to deny that body.
The day pasted and we were now at the beach, she didn’t join us in the water.
Delilah’s point of view
 I was kind of stressed because I was scared of going in the water, I didn't know how to swim. I know I asked to come along but I didn't want to be stuck inside a bus. Anyhow,  It’s been like that ever since I was four. My mom died in the plane crash and the plane crashed into the water, it always gave me goose bumps.  I heard someone talk.
“Hey” a husky voice said.
I felt water dripping on me; I opened my eyes and let out a shriek.
“You’re so mean!” I shouted starting to giggle.
“Well I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” he said putting his pinky in front of my face, I backed up, got scared he would poke me, his pinky was dangerously close.
“Fine...” I said while I gave my pinky. He promised me he wouldn’t splash me if I went close to the water. I believed him. So, I went close to the water, I heard someone shout, I jumped a bit.
“GET HER!” I turned to see the boys running towards me. Except Harry. He kept his promise, thankfully, but seeing them coming,  I started running the fastest I can, like I did when I was four, but only faster I imagined it again when I was running I saw myself back small, in the road, going to the airport. BANG. I finally came out of my flashback because I  ran into a tree, I was embarrassed.
“DELILAH!” I heard someone, I was on the floor, I was super dizzy.
I tried to get up, I was about to fall on the ground again, but this time I fell in Harry’s arm. I looked in his emerald eyes. He leaned in; I did too, but backed away when realize I was being stupid.
He’s a player, well that's what people usually say, he has a girlfriend, well I thought, Taylor Swift ?
He looked at me confused. I was about to run away but he grabbed my arm, I was utterly shocked.
“There is a tree right there  love, so watch out.” He said, he let go of my arm. I started to walk slowly. He arrived beside me and stopped me. I turned around and saw his eyes, I got lost in his eyes again. I'm a failure, when guys have cute eyes.
“Delilah?” he asked.
“Yah?” I answered
“I think, I think, I love you…”he said.
What? is what I questioned myself...
Harry's point of view
“I think, I think, I love you…”I said.
She looked confused and I probably did also I mean I just told her that I liked her, no, that I loved her, I was being so stupid. I had Taylor Swift as a girlfriend, but with her it was something different.  It was amazing how I would get lost in her eyes, but with Taylor, I didn't. Her blue ocean eyes, which Taylor didn't have. Her eyes were locked onto mine, I continued to stare, and then I heard someone shout.
"Delilah!, what are you doing?!" I turned around to see Niall standing there, really mad, I rolled my eyes and left. He grabbed my arm and turned me around.
"How could you..?" he said, almost like if I did something wrong. 
"How could I, what?" I asked him. He just stared.
"You know, she is only 16, she never had a boyfriend, and if it's anyone out of you guys, it's definitely not YOU!"  he shouted at the word you, he calmed down and whispered to me .." and you have Taylor?!"
Oh my god, she never had a boyfriend. She was only 16? I thought she was older like maybe 17 so I can go out with her, even though I still can, Though I do have Taylor.
"N-n-niall!" Delilah shouted   "He didn't do anything, leave him alone." she defended me. She gave me this small smile and walked away.
"You better have not, or else I would kill you..." Niall turned to me, as I nodded, telling him that I understood.
Delilah's point of view
I hated it when Niall got over protective, god, I'm allowed to love a British boy, even though I'm American and a little of Irish and a little British, but come on. Harry seems sweet.  I don't think he has a girlfriend after he told me, but maybe, he never confirmed anything with Taylor. I was shocked he told me that. Really! I mean he barely knows me, but I'm not saying I didn't like it when his, British voice whispered so nobody can hear. Anyhow,  Tonight was the night we were going to the hotel.
"Who is coming with me to get our rooms?" asked Harry.
Nobody answered, so I did.
“I’ll come. That’s if you don't mind"
"Why would I?" he said and when he did, Niall shot both of us a death glare. I stood up, and walked out of the tour bus with Harry. We walked in the hotel and asked for as many rooms as possible, they said the one with the most rooms, were three rooms, someone would have to share.
We walked back to the tour bus and got our stuff. Zayn took a room with Liam; Louis said he was with Niall, which made me stuck with Harry. I was SO tired. I went to my bed and Harry followed making it really awkward. He kept following me. Well I do understand because it was his room too.
"What are you doing" I asked.
"Well I am going to my room, what are you doing" he asked, almost like if he was challenging me.
“I’m going to my room." I replied quite rudely to be honest. He just stared at me.
"WO, wait" he said as I turned around.
"What?" I smiled.
“That means I'm sleeping in the same bed as you!?"
"Yes, but don't get the wrong impression Styles" he had a huge grin, but then it went down and I giggled. I went to go get changed into the washroom. I changed into this pajama. These were my shorts, which were white and pink and this was my shirt that said let's get naked, on it.
I know awkward shirt but doesn't matter, it's just a pajama
Delilah's point of view
I woke up, strong arms around me, I tried to struggle out. It didn't work. I tired moving, it didn't work. Then I heard laughing. I looked up and Harry smiled down at me.
"Having problems?" he asked and began laughing.
"Noooo" I said sarcastically.
“I think you are..." he said.
“Yes, yes I am, now please let go of me I need to get washed." I smiled cheaply at him.
At least he let go. It was awkward he had a girlfriend and I didn't want to be a homewreaker. I went to go in my shower after my shower I got changed into a tank top that was purple with jean shorts, and purple converses with sunglasses.
I got out of the washroom and Zayn came running towards me, well what I thought was me but was actually the mirror. I giggled. He stared at me and looked confused, I shook my head with a huge grin on my face and walked away. I bumped into Harry, I looked up and again got lost in his eyes.
"Later, do you wanna go out?" he asked.
I came back to reality.  No YOU  have a girlfriend I thought.
“Sure" I said excited. Nobody knew this, but I had a BIG crush on Harry. Once Harry was out of the shower he decided that we would leave. I followed him. First we went to go get ice cream then, we went on a walk, but after we went to the park.
"Sooo...." I said to break the awkwardness, for some reason there was lots of awkwardness.
He laughed.
"So what?" he asked.
"What are we doing?" I turned to face him.
"Can I talk to you about last time?" he asked a little scared to ask me.
"Why not.." I smiled.
We sat down on a bench in the park. Harry put on sunglasses and his hood of his hoodie on to hide his 'famousness'.
"Look, I am really sorry of last time. But it s true I do like you" drifting off, not wanting to continue. I looked at him not sure if I wanted to tell my BIG crush. I didn't. I mean he has a girlfriend.
"Its fine" I really wanted to tell him.
Harry's point of view
She's beautiful, no, she's perfect. I loved every inch of her. Her hair. Her blue ocean eyes.  Her height and weight. Well that sounded creepy, but what I meant was, she is skinny, but even if she was fat she would be perfect to me. 'Cuz all her  Little Things...
"It's fine" she said. I looked up from the ground and up to her face. I nodded my head to show her I understood. I leaned in so did she. But this time she pushed me kindly back. She started to walk.
She thought I was a player because of those stupid paparazzi, they always invented things that weren't true, I really loved her but I did have a girlfriend, god this was complicated.
I had to put things straight in her mind. It was my goal.
Delilah's point of view
I walked away. What happens if someone saw us. What happens if I was on television and my dad saw it. I know what you're thinking.  Why isn't he in a crazy people hospital. Well they didn't put him in one of those because, he was too crazy, he always found ways to get out. There was this girl that went to see him to cure it. We all became different ever since my mom died, but that was just  too much, he made me do all the chores, food and he blamed me for my mom's death, he said if I would've just left her there she would be alive. I only hope he is better when I go back when I'm 17. I had to go back to get my dad to sign a paper saying that he allowed me to stay with Niall. Which was in a couple of days, it is like the sixteenth and my birthday is tomorrow but it's funny that I'll be turning seventeen tomorrow on the seventeenth. I started to giggle at my thoughts. I had to go pick out a dress. Niall brought me to a store. It was beautiful I found like four dresses and tried every one of them on.
These dresses were  a green long one. A purple one to the knees, a dark purple one to the knees and a light purple one to the knees.
 I didn't know which one to take. To me they were all very beautiful. But I could only choose one. I bought one of them and walked out of the store. We went to a shoe store and I bought a pair shoes, black high heels then the day past quite fast after that. When we arrived at home it was five in the afternoon, and as usual Niall whined because he was hungry so I decided that I would make supper because everyone was asleep. I hummed the song what makes you beautiful, then started to whisper sing it. I felt arms go around my waist, I got scared and jumped.
"Well, hello" a husky British voice said. I turned around to see Harry there.WHY???!!!
"Hi" I smiled cheaply.
"What are you making?"
"Can I help?" he asked. I didn't refuse.
"Sure" we started to cut the vegetables...
* A hour past*
I started to wash the dishes. Harry, by my surprise, helped too. We were finish and I wanted to tell Harry just so bad that I like him.
"Hey, um, Harry?"
"ya" he answered turning towards me.
"Do you wanna come take a walk with me; I'm kinda scared going alone” WHAT A DUMB EXCUSE! I hate myself right now.
"Sure" he said with a grin, we walked all the way to the park, until we got there he didn't speak.
"You’re not really scared are you?"he asked . I shook my head.
"Harry? Can I tell you something?" I asked him.
"Sure, what is it?"


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