Remembering The Past (How I Know How)

Everyone knows Carly Curson. If you don't, have you been living under a rock for the past thirty years? With more Grammy awards than thought possible, a loving husband and three kids, her life appears to be a dream! Until a routine health check reveals three lumps. Now she knows she's dying, Carly wants to record all her life stories in an anthology. She always liked poetry, so it was an obvious choice for her...before she goes out with a bang.



It's weird to think that I won't be here in an hour. Well, I will be, but my spirit won't. No, don't think about that now. You'll only depress yourself.

You've gotta admit, you chose a good way. Rather go out with a bang doing what you love most, than go out in intense pain as thin and weak as the fashion models Bella-Susie cuts out of Vogue.


I love what I do.



And my most important job of all.



Music helps me in countless ways.

Like calming me when the triplets came.

A B C,

One Two Three,

My boys and my girl.


The A B C part is true too.




I love my children.


We made a promise.

I name all my boys,

He names all my girls.

Well, I chose her double-barreled part.

So she doesn't get any Twilight comments.


They grew up so fast!

Carrying them home from hospital,

Waving and crying on their first day of school,

Countless Christmases celebrated together,

Graduation was only a month ago.


I love my babies,

Even though they're now twenty.

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