Remembering The Past (How I Know How)

Everyone knows Carly Curson. If you don't, have you been living under a rock for the past thirty years? With more Grammy awards than thought possible, a loving husband and three kids, her life appears to be a dream! Until a routine health check reveals three lumps. Now she knows she's dying, Carly wants to record all her life stories in an anthology. She always liked poetry, so it was an obvious choice for her...before she goes out with a bang.



Needles thrust into my skin,

I die a bit inside.

It was just a bit of pain,

My time of the month coming late,

Yet the test showing a minus.


Countless scans and blood tests,

Too old to say it hurts.

Lump one is a Brussels sprout,

Lump two is an egg,

Lump three is an apple.


Tests reveal the timing,

They're too far gone.

Eighty-five percent death if I take it,

Ninety percent death if I don't,

I want to go out differently.


The constant fear of knowing,

I can't disappoint those I love.

No lying back as weak as paper,

No catching my hair as it falls out,

No sickness like never before.


I know what I must do.

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