Remembering The Past (How I Know How)

Everyone knows Carly Curson. If you don't, have you been living under a rock for the past thirty years? With more Grammy awards than thought possible, a loving husband and three kids, her life appears to be a dream! Until a routine health check reveals three lumps. Now she knows she's dying, Carly wants to record all her life stories in an anthology. She always liked poetry, so it was an obvious choice for her...before she goes out with a bang.



The notes call,

I must answer.

Like the Imams of Mecca,

And their soul-touching words.


Like our Honeymoon,

Two days per country,

My personal favourite being Egypt,

Land of the Pharaohs.


It shows our intolerance,

As all the Muslims I met were so nice!

Why do we judge others?

My blood is your blood too.


The shouts on the street,

Over paparazzi flashes.

Just because I'm wearing a scarf,

Covering my neck with Islamic designs.


By thunder it makes me mad,

So mad I've got to let it out!

"Why are some people so fucking ignorant!"

But in a more productive way.

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