Remembering The Past (How I Know How)

Everyone knows Carly Curson. If you don't, have you been living under a rock for the past thirty years? With more Grammy awards than thought possible, a loving husband and three kids, her life appears to be a dream! Until a routine health check reveals three lumps. Now she knows she's dying, Carly wants to record all her life stories in an anthology. She always liked poetry, so it was an obvious choice for her...before she goes out with a bang.



The stars are on earth,

Extremely bright,

Twinkling in my face,

The paparazzi light.


Nominated for four,

I don't think I'll get one,

Dressed to impress,

More beautiful than the sun.


I keep my trademark,

Everyone's seen.

Non-matching shoes,

One white and one green.


Seated at a table,

Alone and so blue.

A smile across the tables,

I've heard of you.


Nominees called out,

My name read loud,

I won my first Grammy!

I hope Mum's proud.


About to leave,

Catching his eye,

Multiple words said,

I've never felt so high!


Call me too trusting,

If I ask you'll say no,

My name's not Juliet,

But he might be my Romeo.

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