phyllis is an extraordinary fighter and exceptionally good at archery, she even starts falling for a guy staying at her house but when her mother goes missing she must go on a quest with this boy to many new places to regain what was rightfully hers, but can she do it in time?


1. guests

i pulled the string back as far as it would go, the curved front as thin as wire helped with my aim, i let go, the dot of silver landed right in the middle of the target 'bullseye!' i called while jumping up and down in celebration 'phyllis' my mother asked enquiringly 'the guests are nearly here, please go get changed?!' i replied with a nod of my head making my long ginger hair fall over my chestnut eyes and tanned face and she went back indoors. i wandered over to our willow tree, from which my bow was carved by my late father, here i hid my bow between the roots of the tree, before following my mother indoors.

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