Kiss You

Paige had just finished reading her orientation packet for the 5th time, and was positive that she new everything there was to know about her new college in Perth. Starting college might be an adventure, but when she learn the people who have the dorm next to her and her friends, and also happens to be in her year bonding group, will this adventure have a new and unexpected twist?


9. The movie


Paige’s POV:


We walked into the movie theatre and I could tell that Jillian instantly was overwhelmed by the smell of butter popcorn. 


“Jillian, you ok? Are you going to be sick!?” I asked


“I’m fine, as long as I don’t eat the popcorn.” She said, and I felt relieved


“Um, it’s my turn to buy the tickets I think, you all go get something to eat if you’re still hungry. Paige- my usual please” Jillian said. We left her to decide what we’ll watch and get the tickets. We all got something small to eat (except for Niall, who got two bags of candy and a large slushy), and I got a bag of sea salt chips for Jillian.


“Ok, theatre #7 for Wreck-It Ralph!” Jillian told us


“Yay!!! I’ve wanted to see that movie for forever!” I said, as we walked into the theatre


"Me too!" Harry said, just as excited. Awwww! He has dimples when he smiles! They are really cute!!! Wait. Stop. Snap out of it!


“Where do you want to sit?” I asked Patricia, who was in a deep conversation with Liam about brain cells or something. I mean, she was so focused, I bet we could have walked into a lion cage and she wouldn’t have known.


“What? Wait… huh?” Patricia stuttered


“Where. Do. You. Want. To. Sit?” I said, taking brakes in between each word


“Oh, I don’t care!” She said, and got right back into her conversation like I hadn’t said anything


“Ok, Willow, where do YOU want to sit?” I asked Willow, who also was talking about soccer to Zayn (those two are just too cute!)


“Um, uh…” Willow began, clearly not hearing my question “Chocolate milkshake?” she guessed


"Ok, maybe it's the girls! Niall, where do YOU want to sit!" I asked Niall, who apparently was in an argument with Jillian about which one of them had the cutest accent


"What? Oh, sorry Paige, I didn't hear you question?" He said, slightly embarrassed


“Ok, this is ridiculous!” I said and walked into the row in front of us and sat down, and everyone else followed


The movie started, and it was the funniest movie I have ever seen! We all laughed so hard we cried, and Zayn even comforted Willow when she cried in the sad parts (once again, I’m a genius, they’re so cute together!). When the movie was over we left and drove back to UWA, to unpack some more.


"Ok, os I guess we'll see you in class!" Willow said happily, and we all said our fair wells.

But I couldn't help but think that I was going to have a much different college experience that I had expected.


Hey guys! Sorry again that I haven't been posting for awhile, but I'm back and I plan to upload the next chapter really quickly! I'm also sorry about how short this chapter is! The next chapter is too, but they were ment to go together but just didn't work!

Anyway, thank you for reading my Movellas! Remember - Like, Favorite, Comment


xx Paige

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