Kiss You

Paige had just finished reading her orientation packet for the 5th time, and was positive that she new everything there was to know about her new college in Perth. Starting college might be an adventure, but when she learn the people who have the dorm next to her and her friends, and also happens to be in her year bonding group, will this adventure have a new and unexpected twist?


8. Mad Mex



Paige’s POV


I got in the diver’s seat of my car, with Jillian neat to me, and Haley, Willow, and Patricia in the back.


“So, what to you think guys? Mad Mex?” I asked them


“Best Mexican food in town!” Willow said


I drove out of the parking lot, making sure the boys were following us. I couldn’t keep thinking about what Zany had told me in Truth or Dare. ‘Willow’. This was perfect! He liked her, she liked him, but they were obviously to shy to tall each other. It's like a real life sit com! If only I could fid a way to get them together! Oh, you’ll think of something.


I dove into the parking lot, at the restaurant, and I parked with the boys following my lead.


“Here’s the place!” Patricia said to them


“Let’s hurry! I’m starving!” Niall said, which Jillian quickly agreed with. Those two are so adorable!


We walked in and I went up to the counter and ordered, so the guys could see how.


“Hi, can I get a small burrito and a strawberry kiwi vitamin water?” I asked the lady at the first station, Jillian placing her order as I walked to the cashier.


"Could I get 3 baskets of chips with queso to share?" i asked the man at the cash register


As soon as I was about to pay for everyone’s meal, Harry stopped me.


“No, our treat!” He smiled at me, letting his adorable dimples show, and handed the cashier his credit card.


I helped him to the food, and we walked to our table with everyone already sitting down. We finished passing out everyone’s orders and sat down in the only two empty seats that wear next to each other.


“Ok, now, you may not know how to eat a mad mex burrito, so I will demonstrate” Willow said, as she only unwrapped the first 3 inches of her burrito and ate it.


The boys and us followed suit and soon we were all eating happily, talking, and laughing like idiots.


“Ok, so, you guys know we can here because of college…” Niall said “… but why are you here in Perth, Australia, the most isolated major city in the world?” he asked us


“Well,” Jillian began to say “I came here form Texas when I was eleven because of my dads work, and stayed here ever since!” she said, and I got the feeling she was only talking to Niall


“Um, well, you guys already know I’ve lived in Australia my whole like, but I moved to Perth when I was twelve, and that’s when I met all of my besties!” Haley said, looking at Jilly, Willow, Patricia, and me.


“I’m Greek, and I moved here from Grease with my mom when I was eleven because my parents got divorced.” Patricia said


“I moved here from California, for my dads work.” Willow said keeping it short and sweet, and everyone turned to look at me.


I blushed from the attention and said “Um, I, uh, moved from Texas when I was eleven and I stayed here ever since.” I said Paige! What are you doing!? You're never this shy!


“Wait, I thought you were from New York?” Patricia asked me


“Yes Patricia,” I said, slightly annoyed “ I was born in New York, I moved from New York to Georgia when I was three, then to Texas when I was nine, and finally here when I was eleven.” A little upset that we’ve known each other for five years and she still can’t get it right. Oh who cares! she'll get it eventually.


“Wow, you all have really cool stories” Zayn said “We all have pretty boring ones.”


“Are you kidding? I grew up in England, then I auditioned for the X-Factor, and now I tour the world with by best friends, as the most famous boy in the world!” Patricia said, shocked


“Yeah, boring!” Louis said, and Jilly and Haley rolled their eyes


“Well, um, do you guys want to go see a movie? There’s a theatre right across the street?” I asked, automatically thinking of Willow and Zayn


“Sure, sounds fun!” Harry said, flashing me his smile, his bright green eyes sparkling. Gosh, he’s beautiful! But he would never like me.


We walked outside, and over to the theatre. Harry’s hand surprisingly slipped into mine, where let it stay. This is going to be a interesting movie.

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