Kiss You

Paige had just finished reading her orientation packet for the 5th time, and was positive that she new everything there was to know about her new college in Perth. Starting college might be an adventure, but when she learn the people who have the dorm next to her and her friends, and also happens to be in her year bonding group, will this adventure have a new and unexpected twist?


10. History

Paige's POV


Over the next 3 months of college, the girls and me have become closer friends to the guys than I ever thought possible (I could never really talk to guys that way I did my best friends). It turned out we were all in the same classes, so we would always do homework together. They have all been so caring to us, acting like complete gentlemen. Except for the few times Louis would slip vodka into our drinks and the boys would end up playing strip poker with the girls. Of course I could tell when he puts in the alcohol, it tastes horrible, and I don't drink. Which means I have to try to sober them up enough to think about what they’re doing before they all end up nude. But then of course there’s the problem that is Harry. I mean he's great and I like him it's just I don't know HOW much I like him. We've gotten so close it's like I've know him my whole life. He even invited him to come to his mom’s house for dinner. Though it WAS a little awkward when Anne asked us if we were dating, which, in turn, made Harry go eight shades of red, before I could explain that we were just friends.


I mean, I've never really been one of those girls who had a bunch of friends. It all started when I was four, and my grandpa died. My mom was devastated, and started messing around. She would come home at one in the morning, smelling like alcohol and leave for two days, and I could tell, even at four, that she had been doing drugs. Eventually my dad got a divorce and I went away with him.


I couldn't stand the pain. It was too much for my young heart, so i did the only thing I could. I shut them out. My dad. My family. My friends. Everyone. I focused my life on school, and getting a scholarship to a university my dad couldn't afford. I never talked unless I had too. I never had any friends, was always the weird girl out. This went one for seven more excruciatingly lonely years, until we moved to Perth.


I had expected these to be the worst years of them all, but I turned out to be utterly wrong. I met Jillian, Haley, Willow and Patricia on my first day and instantly they were my best friends. They broke down the wall I had made to protect myself, and left me venerable. But instead of hurting me they helped me. They showed me how to be social and talk again. My dad was thrilled when I started to do things with people again, so mush so, that he would give me $30 everyday so I could go do something fun. Though, I really only spent at most $10 at most, and put the rest toward college. They fixed me, but not completely. I still couldn't bring myself to talk to guys. While they flirted, went to dances, on dates, and got boyfriends, I sat in the sidelines, to cheer them on like any friend would, but never to attempt myself.


That was until that one day in physics class where my life changed forever, whether it was for the good or bad, at that point, I did not know.


Hey guys, yeah I told you I would update fast! But yeah, sorry about the short chapter, just though you needed some more background knowledge on Paige. But form now on I will try to make them the normal length, ok? I would also like to apologies in advance for any bad spelling or grammar, I'm going on vacation and have to use the app, and I'm not very good at typing on my IPhone :(

Anyway, Thanks for reading my Movellas! Remember - Like, Favorite, Comment

xx Paige

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