Kiss You

Paige had just finished reading her orientation packet for the 5th time, and was positive that she new everything there was to know about her new college in Perth. Starting college might be an adventure, but when she learn the people who have the dorm next to her and her friends, and also happens to be in her year bonding group, will this adventure have a new and unexpected twist?


4. Boy talk & the Auditorium


Liam P.O.V


The boys and me went to our room, put our bags down, and went to sit in the middle area.


“Ok guys, lets just cut to the chase, I can tell that each one of you is in full blown crush mode, so lets just get it over with and tell each other who it is.” Harry said, a smug look on his face


“Um, I, uh, REALLY like Haley.” Louis said nervously


“I, well, like Jillian a lot!” Niall said, as he got up to get a snack


“Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that willow is amazing!” Zayn said, clearly not nervous about saying it


“Well, that leaves you, Liam!” Harry said, clearly excited about knowing


“Well, I think that Patricia is really sweet, and, so, yeah, Patricia.” I said, not really knowing how to describe how I felt


“Well, now its time for you, HAZZA!!!” Niall said through a mouthful of Nando’s.


“Awww, come on guy’s!” Harry complained


“No, no, no! You made us confess so its you’re turn!” Louis said strictly


“Well, ok. I think that Paige is, well, awesome, and funny!” Hazza said, a little self conscious, which is weird, I’ve never seen him like that before


“But guys, we need to promise not to rush into anything, because if mess up, were stuck in the dorm next to theirs for the next 2-4 years. Girls deserve to be treated with the respect they deserve. Promise?” I said, not wanting anyone to get hurt


I only herd 3 promises.








“I don’t see what difference it’ll make, she’ll never like me! She deserves much better.” Harry said sadly


“Hazza! You can’t say things like that if you ever want a girl to like you!” Niall announced


“And besides, whenever you talked to her directly, she blushed!” Louis said


“So PROMISE!” I almost-yelled and Hazza


“Ok, OK! I promise!” Harry said, giving in


“That’s more like it!” Zayn said encouragingly


We kept talking about the girls until we had to leave to finish orientation day. Hey, maybe going to college would turn out to be a much better plan than I had first thought!




Louis P.O.V


We waled out of our room laughing, and met the girls right outside our door.


“Hey, how are you guys!” I asked, trying to impress Haley


“Um, same as we were an hour ago!” Haley replied, I’m such a hopeless idiot


We stood there for a minute, until Paige finally broke the silence.


“So, shall we?” she said, and we all walked down to the auditorium, talking about Perth, and UWA, and how Paige’s mom works here, and how she knows ever centimetre on this place. We talked about America, and Australia, and England, and Ireland and about what we loved about them. We talked about what subjects were taking, and what we want to do when we are older.


We got to the auditorium, and we sat together. Apparently, Paige’s mom came out to the front and started talking.


“Well, I hope you have been having a great day so far! But, in hopes, of maximising your happiness over the next 2-4 years, we are starting a new program! You will all be split up into bonding groups, where you will get together for 1 hour each day, and talk, bond, and just have fun! I have the lists here, for you to look at. Now if you could all find your group, we will have an hour to do some activities, and then we will tell you more about the school, and what college will be like!” She said, and I went to get a paper with the list of groups


“Hey guy’s! All ten of us have our own group! This is going to be so fun!!” I said, and everyone got excited

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