Kiss You

Paige had just finished reading her orientation packet for the 5th time, and was positive that she new everything there was to know about her new college in Perth. Starting college might be an adventure, but when she learn the people who have the dorm next to her and her friends, and also happens to be in her year bonding group, will this adventure have a new and unexpected twist?


11. Asking


Chapter 10



Harry’s POV


The last 3 months have been amazing! The girls are all so sweet and funny, and we have been getting along great! I thought college would be boring, but because we are in the same classes, which makes it that much better. And, in an unexpected twist, Jillian and Niall went on a date last week, and Zayn asked Willow to be his girlfriend. When they told us, Paige’s face lit up, and she started crying (happy tears of course)!


Speaking of Paige, she’s become my best friend! She’s amazing, sweet, kind, funny, and smart (which means she helps me with my work a lot). She even said yes when I asked her if she wanted to come with me to my mom’s house for dinner! Everything about her is perfect, including our friendship. Well, it’s just that. Friendship didn’t really cover it for me. I would prefer relationship or girlfriend but I know she doesn’t feel the same way about me. Well, you’ll never truly know until you ask her out! Shut up conscience!


“Hey, Harry!” She said with her full lips as she sat into the set next to me in Physics class. Gosh, all I want to do right now is kiss those soft pink lips that are never chapped and-


“Harry? I said did you finish that essay for class?” Paige said, clearly getting that I didn’t hear her


“Um, yeah. How long is yours?” I asked, looking at my measly one page


“Oh, um” she said while getting hers out


“I think its…”


Ask her.


“… two and a half…”


Ask her!


“…pages, but I wanted…”




“…to write more” she said


I wanted to sweep her off her feet, hand her a dozen roses, and ask her out in the most romantic way possible. But of course, I didn’t have and roses, and the words got jumbled in my mouth.


“Paige, will you, um, Friday out with me on, um, with?” I stuttered


“What? I didn’t catch that?” Paige said confused. Why does shy make this so hard! I took a deep breath and started again


“Paige, will you go out with me on Friday?” I asked her again very clearly



Paige’s POV



“Paige, will you go out with me on Friday?” Harry said


What?! I thought we were just friends!


“Oh, uh” I said. Come on Paige think!


“I mean, if you want too.” Harry said looking down


Aw man! I cant say no to that! But, will be my first date ever! What if I mess up!? What is I say something weird?! What if he wants to kiss me!? Don’t say yes Paige, DON’T SAY YES!!!!


“Yeah, sure, sounds fun!” I said. Dam! Why does he have to make things so hard?!


“Oh, ok, well, I’ll pick you up at 6?” he said, more like a question


“Sure!” I said


Then Ms Kay came in, and started the lecture about the Higgs Bosan particle, ending out conversation.




Harry’s POV



Yes, Yes, YES!!!! SHE SAID YES!!!!


Who cares about physics, I need to talk to Jillian, she’ll know what Paige likes in a date, so I can take her on the perfect one!!!


“Mrs Kay, I’m feeling sick, could I step out for a few minutes?” I asked her sweetly


“I don’t know, this will be on your exams.” She said


“Oh, I can take notes for him Mrs Kay! It will be like he was here the whole lecture!” Paige said, helping me out



“Oh, alright! But go straight to the nurse!” She told her and I agreed and left the room


I ran straight to the dorms and knocked on the girls room door.


“Yes?” Jillian said opening the door


“Hey, can I talk to you? It’s about Paige.” I asked her, and she unwillingly let me come in


“Well what is it?” She asked after I sat down


“I, uh, well I, um, asked her out today, and, uh, she said yes.” I told her shyly


“Dam! I knew this was going to happen!” She said


“What is the problem?” I asked a little worried


“You sure you want to know from me, and not her?” She said, hopping to get out of it


“No, I need to know what’s the problem!” I said even more worried


“Ok, then. It started when she was four…” she said



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