Kiss You

Paige had just finished reading her orientation packet for the 5th time, and was positive that she new everything there was to know about her new college in Perth. Starting college might be an adventure, but when she learn the people who have the dorm next to her and her friends, and also happens to be in her year bonding group, will this adventure have a new and unexpected twist?


1. Getting ready


Chapter 1:


Paige’s P.O.V



I had just finished re-reading my orientation booklet for my new college for the 5th time, and was positive I new UWA better than anyone. I was so exited to be going to college, and especially with all of my school friends with me! My mom is the head of the department that specialises in picking through the student applications, and choosing the best ones, so it’s no surprise that me and all of my friends got in. I practically grew up there, considering my parents are divorced, so its also no surprise I was chosen to show the students coming from England around the school. I couldn’t believe that my four besties and me got the only girls 5-person room on campus, and I couldn’t wait to talk to them.


I got up off my bed, and went to call my 4 besties, Haley, Jillian, Willow, and Patricia. I quickly dialled Jillian’s number.


*Beep Beep* *Beep Beep*


“Hello?” Jilly picked up


“Hey, Jilly, did you here? Me, you, Willow, Haley, and Patricia are all staying in the same dorm room! How awesome is that!” I said excitedly into the phone


“REALLY?! That’s great! I haven’t had time to go through that part of the packet, with all the packing.” She stated, a little embarrassed


“Hey, isn’t Haley at you’re house helping you pack?” I asked, still shocked she wasn't done with packing up her things for college. I mean, first term starts in 2 days, and orientation takes up all this afternoon!


“Yeah, but she’s in the bathroom right now. I’ll tell her when she gets out.” She said, starting to get exited about the news


“Ok, Jilly, you call Willow, and tell her, and I’ll call Patricia!”


I hung up, and quickly dialled Patricia’s number


*Beep Beep* *Beep Beep*


No answer. Of course, that girl is always on her phone, but the one time I actually need to contact her, she isn’t.


I left a message telling her about us getting the 5-person dorm room, and told her to call me back.


Orientation day: Last day before the start of the term.


Harry’s P.O.V


OK, I’m not going to lie, I’m really nervous about this whole ‘college’ thing. I mean, we already multi-millionaires, we don’t have to work for a living. But, of course, Liam went all “daddy direction” on us saying that we will have lost our sense of accomplishment, and that if we don’t go to college now, we will regret it in the long run. So, eventually we gave in to his pleading, but on one condition, we could pick the college. He agreed a little angrily.

Eventually we decided on UWA, because, when we were touring the world, we took a particular liking to Australia, Perth in particular. The culture, nature and atmosphere overwhelmed us, and we just couldn’t help but fall in love with every aspect of Perth.


“Hurry up, Hazza!” Niall whined, getting hungrier by the second


“I’m coming!” I yelled back, still struggling with my suitcase handle


Eventually, I got hold of my luggage, and we raced out of the airport, into the bright, warm, fresh Australian air


“I’m falling in love with this place all over again!” Zayn exclaimed, a huge smile on his face


“Me too! Its just so amazayn!” Louis joked


“Guys, I know its fantastic here, but if we don’t hurry, we won’t have enough time to put are bags in the hotel and change before orientation!” Liam begged


“Ok then, 1D, AWAY!” Niall yelled, mimicking a superman flying motion


We ran to the car, loaded are bags into it as fast as we could, and drove towards the only high-rise hotel on the beach in Perth. When we got to our rooms, we all took showers and changed into fresh clothes, to start the day.


Than we were driving quickly with our orientation packets as quickly as we could to the orientation, without breaking the law. I was presently reminded that Australians drive on the left side of the road, so I could get my divers license here.


We parked and made it to the main hallway for the beginning of the tour with 5 minutes to spare, and we could tell as soon as we walked in that we were going to have a very difficult year.

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