Thought you love me(Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

Louis parents died when he was young,they died in a car crash.since then,he lived with his uncle. They're not rich and everyone in school think he's a poor weird nerd. He always get bullied they call him names,get his lunch and beat him up . It changed when he meet the girl of his dreams Letzie.she made him the most happy person he can be.but it had to change when he had to left and go to x factor to fulfill his dreams.yeah there's a lot of changes in the story.


1. Bumped into each other

Louis POV

Ring!Ring,my alarm clock ringing like nonstop.ughh!where is the hammer when I needed it the most.I quickly got up,take a shower and get dressed for school.
'Shit!another day at hell' I mumbled to myself
I never really like school,it's a living hell to me,the people there never really like me,they call me a nerd. I'm not a nerd yes I wear glasses but that doesn't mean I'm a nerd I don't even get high grades just average grades and proudly I say I'm a loner I eat lunch alone popular girls look at me like they disgust me or I have some infectious disease that can be transmitted just by looking at me.they call me names beat me up.i have an amazing personality .yeah I'm amazing gotta admit that they just need time to find that out and they don't even want to give a try.

Litzie's POV

Hi!im LItzie,today is my first day to my new school in Doncaster .we moved in here because people on my old school bully me.well the bullying started when my boyfriend i mean ex boyfriend told to his mates that I slept with him that wasn't even true and of course they spread that to whole school .people started calling me slut,whore and sometimes guys walk to me and ask how much for one night.i felt humiliated and the only way to stop the bullying is me to leave.

" LItzie wake up! You're not gonna be late on your first day of school!" my mom yelled downstairs yes that's how loud my mom's voice is I can hear it upstairs in my room.
I quickly got up take a shower .i get dressed I put on my dark ripped jeans,tank top,I just let my brown wavy hair fall on my shoulders and put my flats on.after I get dressed I go downstairs to ea my breakfast.
"mom what's for breakfast?"I asked excitedly
"bacon and waffles" she said happily
"great!" I shout happily well honestly I have a thing food..I love it soooo much.
After I finished eating my lovely breakfast I go to school.
When I get to school hallway I get stares from people.some were laughing and murmuring something I don't even know. And someone even yelled "I'd bang that girl" who's that pervert.
"well bad luck you wouldn't even have a chance,so back off "I yelled to no one in particular cuz I don't know who said it.Just then I bumped into some guy.

Louis POV

After I finished eating my breakfast I quickly go to school.i was walking on the hallway when I hear people talking about some new girl in school.Just then I bumped into some girl.I looked up to look at her and HOLY COW! She's so pretty. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen on my life.i hope she won't think I'm a weirdo.

Letzie's POV

Someone bumped into me and I looked up to see who it was and Gosh!! He's so cute especially with those nerd glasses he make it look hot. I bet he's one of those popular douchebgs that every school have.

"uhm sorry miss"he said with his cute British accent GOSH!!!! My ovaries just exploded.
"that's ok I'm the one who bumped into you,so sorry"we just stare at each others eyes until I broke the silence between us.
"uhm,I'm new here ,do you know where is the principal office is? I'm gonna get my timetable there"I say nicely

Louis POV

"yeah,I know where that is come,follow me"I said calmly

"I didn't get your name yet miss"

"I'm Letzie,what about you?"she say in her cute voice.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson,you can call me Lou" I say

"that's so cute Lou"she say. I hope she means I'm cute
We finally get in the principal's office the woman gave her her time table and I find out that we all had the Same classes together.we sit on a bench to talked a bit since its too early we have to wait one and a half hour to our first class.

"so why do you transfer school here Letzie?"I asked her

"bullying issues"

"seriously?same here!"

"what?!you too?you get bullied?here?she asked somewhat shocked .why is she shocked? Isn't it obvious with my looks?

"why so schocked?" I asked surprised by her reaction

"cuz I thought you were one of those attractive douchebags who break girls heart"

I cracked up laughing

"why did I say something funny?"

"yes,do I really look attractive to you?"

"yes"she said shyly

I blushed at this.did she really think I'm attractive.

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