Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


5. Where have you been?



When I got home I got welcomed by a little barking dog. It did'nt seem agressive, just slightly bothered. Then it hit me: what is it doing in our house? I went inside the house and I saw my dad at the kichen counter holding a basket full of stuff. Candles, tea, fresh baked bread, and all kinds of cute things. He was talking to a lady. “Hey, This is Gina, she lives nextdoor, she brought this amazing gift for us” He said.

I nodded “And the dog?” I asked.

The woman turned around “Thats my dog, Lala”.

She had a nice voice. I smiled at her and started to feel the awkwardness. “I better go, I have to cook dinner for the boys” She said grabbing her keys. “Bye...” My dad said “Where have you been? Its 6pm! What have you been up to? I was getting seriously worried!” He continued after she shut the door.

I couldnt tell him what I had really been up to, so I decided to give him the same lie as I gave the guys at school. “Oh, I forgot to tell you? I was at band practice”.


He gave me a look as if I had told him I was getting married or something. “Since when did you play music?” He asked.

“Since I had to have a fresh start. And I already had dinner out” I lied.

He gave me a big smile “I am so proud that you're trying to make the best out of this” he hugged me.


I went to my room to get some rest, it was the longest day of my life. And tomorrow probobly would be a long day aswell.


When I woke up the whole building that is my house smelled like bacon, this means my dad made bacon for us.

“C'mon down Mia, I've made brunch for us!” I heard him yell from downstairs.

I went down to the kichen.

“Bruch? What time is it?” I asked confused as a person could be.

“Its 11:36, I thought it would be great for you to have a day off” He smiled.

A day off? Is he mental? I can't have a day off. “I can't have a day off!?” I yelled at him “I just started on this school!”

He looked at me “I talked to your therapist, he said it would be best if you had a few days off”

I grabbed my bag “Fuck no. I have to go, I cant just not go” and then I went to school.

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