Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


3. toilet chat


I had to go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

I was'nt the only one in the bathroom. A tall, darkhaired girl walked out of one of the toilets. “Hey” She looked down at me “Aye” I replied.

After a moment of silence she started looking at me weird. “What?” I asked.

“You're the new girl, right?” She asked me.

“Yeah” I replied

“Oh I like your accent! What one is it?” I was surprised she even wanted to talk to me.

“Erh Danish” I smiled.

“Oh my god, that is so cool!” She said

“I guess...” I said.

“So how do you like melbourne so far?” she asked whilst fixing her make-up.

“Its okay... The girls at the school are'nt really friendly” I replied.

She laughed “They are so jealous!” I gave her a weird look “why would they be jealous?” she gave me a weird look.

“Erh... Didnt the janoskians just eat lunch with you?” “The ja-what?” I asked “Daniel, James, Beau, Luke and Jai?” she replied.

“Yeah...” I said drying my hands “Yeah, the janoskians. They are really cool guys, they're like really populair. Beau even dated the most populair girl in school, but they broke up. Shes still pissed” she smiled at me.

“Okay... I better go now, Ive got.... band practice. Whats your name again?” I said “My names Dayna, and you're..?” “Mia”, was the last thing I said before walking out the door.


Why would anyone be jealous of ME? That is crazy.

I liked walking on my own. No stress, no annoying dad or anything to bother me. Just me and my headphones. As I was walking I looked to my left and had to stop. The house reminded me of ireland and now I remebered why I didnt want to be here. All the things that makes me who I am, are back home in ireland. I remebered the day my mum got me a silver bracelet. It was such a perfect winter day with beautiful snow sprinkled all over my yard. She gave me the bracelet “This is for you, my little bird. I says “Fly” on it, look!” She always called me her bird. She always said “Instead of running away, fly”

I woke up from my flashback. I must have started walking, because I was standing right infront of Melbourne Treatment Center. I took a deep breath, and walked in.

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