Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


14. Pass me the salad.


***Short one, but next chapter is gonna be a total mindfuck! thank you so much for reading this, I thought no one liked my writing. please leave a comment, it makes me happy! I've wasted enough of your time now, so enjoy this short one. -Lahmeluver***


If I knew 4 hours ago that I would be eating dinner at their house, I would not have told Luke anything. This made me feel so awkward. Great, Mia. You are now eating dinner with the guy you like and someone who knows more about you than your dad.

“Can you pass me the salad?” Jai asked. I was sitting next to him on my left side, and Luke on my right. “Sure” I smiled passing it to him. He was eating nothing but salad. I was eating pretty much the same. None of us 3 were talking, Beau was talking with dad and Gina.

I decided to ignore Jai and Luke, and pretend I was listening to what Beau was talking about. In reality, I was thinking. If Luke told Jai about me, he would never date me. And I really liked him “Are'nt you going to eat anything?” Luke said looking at my empty plate. I looked him in the eyes “Yeah” I said so silent I was nearly whispering it. I looked down and realized I did not have a fork. “I dont have a fork” I said. Gina handed me hers. Germs. Bacteria. I stroked the fork with my hand and felt tears streaming down my face. I knew now that I had to leave. “You okay, dear?” Gina asked. “Yeah... I just... I have to go”. I got up and stormed out. 


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