Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


2. Lunch


We were standing outside of the classroom when I got really nervous. He opened the door.
"Sorry I'm late, I had to show her where her class is" he said. Great. Now its my fault that he is late. "You must be the new student, you can sit next to Daniel since you guys have so much in common: you're both late for class and you both have detention. Introduce yourself to the class". Detention on the first day, woah. I took a deep breath "my name is Mia, and I moved here from Denmark" I said. I sat down next to Daniel. "Looks like you and I are gonna have to start being friends" he said laughing. I just smiled back at him.

After class it was lunch break. I had no one to sit with, so I was thinking of leaving, I turned around and of course Daniel was there. "Hey" I said trying to sound like I wasn't just about to leave. "Hey, going out?" He smiled. "Maybe..." I whispered
"...there's not really a place for me to sit" I continued. "You can sit with my friends and I if you want to?". I smiled "okay".
Maybe having a friend in Melbourne won't hurt. And no one says I HAVE to tell him about why I am here. 

I saw a table with one guy sitting by it. "Skip" he suddenly yelled. Daniel replied "yalla". So Daniels nickname is Skip? I asked myself. My question was answered when he sat down next to the guy "James, this is Mia. She's new here". James and I did the handshake before he replied "cool, where did you move from?" I smiled. This time my smile wasn't fake. Did I actually like Melbourne? No. I couldnt like Melbourne. I just wanted to go home. Or did I? "Denmark" I replied letting go of his hand.

I sat down next to Daniel. Then I saw 3 guys walking towards our table, and then they sat down next to us. “Whos the babe?” the tall one asked James and Daniel. I turned around to see who the babe was, but then I realized he was talking about me. “oh.... Hi, Im Mia” I smiled. “Cool, Mia Im Beau. And this is my younger brothers Luke And Jai”.

One of them were sitting next to me. I looked at him. I couldnt stop staring at him. He looked back at me and smiled, I smiled back and broke eyecontact. I didnt know him at all so I decided to ask him which twin he was. He was Luke.


I looked at my watch. It was 11:23. I had to leave for my treatment thingy. “Erh.. I have to go” I said sounding confused. “Where ya' going?” Daniel asked. What should I do? I cant just be like: 'Treatment' “Erh... Band practice?” I said. I was'nt sure if I sounded convincing. “Alright, see ya later, babe!” Beau said so loud he was nearly shouting. I gave all them all an awkward smile and started moving towards the 'exit' sign. On my way out of the cafeteria, I noticed how the girls were staring at me, In fact it was more of a death glare than a stare.

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