Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


22. heart attack

“No, I don't think so. Do you?” we had eyecontact, but this time it wasn't awful. It was nice. “You're blushing.” I smiled. “Fuck you.” he replied. “You never answered me.” I said. “No, I didn't. I don't regret it. I just wish I could remember it clearer, I was really drunk” He smiled. “You were wasted.” I paused. “But I was too.” I laughed. “Okay, so basically, I just wanted to know if the kiss was something we should forget or remember.” He said. “What do you think?” I leaned in so I could hear his answer properly. “I don't know. I don't even remember it that well.” He replied. “Do you want me to refresh your memory?” I joked. I realized I wasn't even joking. I really wanted to kiss him again. “Do you want me to want you to refresh my memory?” He asked. “Shut up” I smiled. He leaned in and before I knew it I felt the cold metal of his lipring pressed against my lips. Moments past. I pulled away. Not because it was uncomfortable, but it felt like I was having a heart attack. It felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. “So, do we forget or remember this?” I asked. He kept looking around the room. “Seriously, dude! Two days ago we were like best friends, and now you cant even tell me what you want. Just tell me.” I smiled. The smile was just a cover-up. I hated this feeling. The feeling you get when you don't know what is about to happen. “Do I really have to ask you everything?” I asked. He nodded.

“Okay, did you like kissing me?” I smiled.


“Do you want to kiss me again?”


“Are you gonna quit being a little bitch and tell me what you think?” I laughed.

He started laughing. “You're the bitch.” he paused. “I like you, but I can't really tell if you like me back.” he continued. “I do, we just have to get through the awkward fase” I said. He nodded. “Alright so, do you wanna like, hang out soon? Tomorrow?” He asked. I nodded. “Yeah, tomorrow is great. Where are we going, then?” I could not stop smiling. “I have to film a 'dare or dare' video with the boys at 11, so afterwards-” I cut him off “What's 'dare or dare'?” I asked. “It's were we do different dares and post them on youtube. It wont take that long.” He smiled. “Can I come with you?” I asked out of the blue. “Like, do you want to be in the video or?”

“I don't know, I guess we'll have to wait and see.”

He got up to leave as it was getting dark outside. I got up to say goodbye. “See you tomorrow at 11... right?” He asked. I nodded “Yeah, I'll come over and get you.”

It wasn't awkward anymore. I walked further towards him to give him a hug. The hug lasted longer than a 'friendly' hug usually lasts. When we finished hugging he went home and I was left alone in the cold room.


I don't want you home at 9pm tonight! It's disrespectful and rude. If you ever do something like that again it's going to have serious consequences.” Was the first thing I was told the next morning. I was standing by the kitchen table, facing away from my dad. I really wanted to talk back to him,  tell him to stop being so worried all the time. But I didn’t want to argue with him anymore. “Okay, I will be home early.” I sighed. I turned around to see his surprised facial expression. I believe he thought I was gonna be against him again, but no. I was tired of yelling at him all the time. There would be no point of me even trying to make him understand. “Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go help Luke with something.” I said.

You know, I had a friend in 3rd grade who was gay... He was struggling to come out. And he needed a friend. Be there for Luke, he needs someone to be there through this tough time.” He smiled. I always thought I was bad at lying, but apparently not. My dad genuinely thought Luke was a homosexual teenager. “I-I will, But seriously dad, don’t tell anyone he’s gay, he want to come out himself.” The lie escalated more and more for each time I opened my mouth. I awkwardly walked out of the kitchen.

On my way up the stairs I heard a knock on the backdoor. I never really used the backdoor unless I was about to sneak out or something. I have no idea why anyone would knock on the backdoor and not the front door. 

Luke was outside with all his camera gear. “Hey, What's up?” He asked fixing his hair. “Nothing much, I'll be right back, I just have to get my phone.” I said and ran up the stairs. 

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