Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


7. hallway of butterflies


After school I met Jai in the hallways. “Hey!” he yelled. “Hello” I replied. “theres a party tomorrow night, we want you to come” he smiled at me. I thought about it. A party? Like... with loads of people. “That doesnt sound like something my dad woud say yes to, sorry. Who is comming?” I bothered to ask anyway. “Well.. the whole school very much. I was really hoping you could go” I looked at him. And I thought Luke was attractive, Jai is like a better version. His eyes were amazingly beautiful. “Uhm.. give me the address I'll see what I can do”

He gave me the address and hugged me, then he left. Woah. He never spoken to me before, and now he wants to invite me to party. The only thing I have ever given him is the looks I gave him at lunch yesterday, and I didnt even know him then. Why would he ask me to a party? Is he like mental?


I turned around and saw the back of Daynas head. “Dayna!” I yelled out through the hallways.

She turned around and smiled at me. “What are you doing tomorrow night?” I asked her hoping shed go with me. “Uhm.. I dont know.. why?” she asked moving closer. When she was standing right before me I asked her “Theres this party tomorrow... wanna go with me?” she thought about it for a while. “Yes, I have nothing better to do.. where is it?” I handed her the note with the address on it. “This is at Camerons place... who invited you?” she asked looking through the note. “hm Jai” i replied. She gave me a fun look. “What?” I smiled. “Does he like you or what?”

I started blushing “I dont know...” she smiled “Do you like him”. I did. I know I just met this guy like.. yesterday, but something about him made me want to know him. “Me? No” I said trying to hide it. But Dayna was not easy to fool. “You like him... And I'll tell you one thing: I have never seen him ask ANYONE to a party before, so what must something. And I wil go with you to the party” she smiled before going home. I was left with a smile too, but not because of her.

Did he actually like me? I started to get butterflies in my stomach.  

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