Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


11. Chamber of secrets



“This is the place” He said letting go of my hands. It was a very little room they use to keep their toilet paper. Well it was more of closet or a chamber. We sat down and I took a deep breath. I was not ready to tell him, but maybe thats what I had to do. “when I was 13 my mum past away, i got into a depression and...” I paused. It was too hard for me to tell him. So instead of telling him I showed him. I pulled up the sleaves on my jumper revealing my scars. I didnt realize I was crying before I saw a tear land on my arm. Luke was moving closer and closer to me, going for a hug. So I hugged him.



I was not going for a hug. On the other hand, it was nice. I could feel her heartbeat through my shirt, and that was when I knew for sure I really liked her. “Its okay. It'll be fine” I told her as I felt my t-shirt getting all wet from her tears. If she wanted me to be her friend, then I would be her friend. “If you need any help of any kind just ask me okay?” I said. She let go of me and gave me warm smile. I wish she would never let go of me, I wish we could be there, just hugging, forever. “Thank you, Luke this is what I need, a friend.” she smiled through her tears. I was now aware of two things. One: I was really into this girl that I just met yesterday. Two: I was in the friendzone. I've heard about people in the frienzone before, yet I've never been there.

“OH FUCK!” I shouted looking at the clock. “What?” she said. “Sorry, I said I would be home at six and its half past five! I need to go” I said leaving the room. When I got out I looked back to see her face one more time before leaving. She smiled and waved, so did I.

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