Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


6. Barbies army


Once again I was sitting in the bus with my headphones on. My phone started to ring.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, Mia, its dad. Gina invited us for dinner tonight at 7. You better be home before that.”

“And if I dont want to?” I asked.

“You dont have a choice, and she has kids too, you cant play with them if you get bored” he said.

“So what am I, 4 years old?”

“I dont know how old her kids are, I'll see you tonight” he said and then hung up.


I didnt realize I had to get off and I litterally ran out of the bus.

The bus stopped right outside of the school, I got out and the first thing i saw was Beau. He noticed me and yelled “Hey!”. I went over to him.

“Hey, what are you doing out here?” I asked.

“My mum is coming to give me my laptop, I forgot it at home. What class are you in now?” He smiled

I bit my lower lip as I tried to think of what class I had next “Uhm... English”

“Alright, see there, I'm in that class too” he said.

Without replying I went inside. I stopped to get my books in my locker.


Beau's POV

It felt like I had beeen waiting on my mum forever, but then I saw her.

“We're having people over for dinner tonight, Beau, so dont do something stupid. And make sure the twins get home too” She said.

“Yes, mum. Laptop?” I asked.

She handed me the laptop, and kissed me on the cheek.


Mia's POV

“Hey, you ready?” I heard Beau ask right behind me.

“Yeah” I said.

On our way to class there was comfortable silence, that got ruined when he opened the door.

The teacher wasnt there yet, so I just sat down at a table in the back of the room. Thats when I saw the girl I bumped into yesterday. She was sitting with 3 other girls around her. It was like in a movie. 4 barbie looking blondes that trash-talks about everyone. “Hey” I heard a voice say. I stopped starring at the barbie club and looked up to see who was talking to me. It was Dayna.

“Hey... Who are they?” I pointed at the barbies. She rolled her eyes “The one with the pink jacket is Emily. She is the most populair girl in school” She explained. “The one that dated Beau?” I whispered. She nodded.


The teacher came in and everyone turned quiet. We all got a book called “Black swan”, Ive heard of it before, but never have I ever actually read it.

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