Fly. (Janoskian Fanfiction)

A crap fanfic about a girl who moves to melbourne.
Oh.. and also she hates her dad.


1. A fresh start?


“Mia! You're gonna be late!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs.

I rolled my eyes at him "I'll be down in a fucking second! Jesus!" I shouted back.

"Language, young lady. And I am not Jesus I am your dad" He replied trying to be funny. I grabbed my jacket and went downstairs. i looked him in the eyes "I like Jesus a lot better than I like you right now." He just acted like he didn't care. After staring at the fridge for about a minute I picked an apple. Beautiful and pink. Pink apples always made me feel good, but as it was now they didn't.

I went over to the sink to wash the apple and my hands.

I hated my dad.
I hated Melbourne. And most importantly I hated myself. Which was the reason why I was there. See, the teachers at my old school back home in Denmark told my dad about how I needed treatment. And thats how I ended in Melbourne.

"Don't forget this, when you leave" my dad handed me a letter. It said "Melbourne treatment center"I had to meet up at the treatment center today at 12. I gave him the death glare. My dad and I haven't always been like that, but since my mum past away we haven't had a connection.

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands before leaving.
"I'm off to school now. Bye" I said to him whilst he was on the phone with my therapist.
It's always best to say goodbye when he is on the phone. When he's on the phone he doesn't ask stupid questions.

I walked out the door and started walking to school.

Starting at a new school isn't a new thing for me, but I'm a bit nervous this time. Maybe its because its a different country.

I heard the school bells ring nearby.
"Shit" I thought to myself as I started to run. 

I arrived to the school office to get my schedule. It was an old lady sitting behind the desk. "Hi, I'm a new student here. Mia Laine" I said with a fake smile. She looked up, then down again before she opened a drawer and handed me a piece of paper. She looked at me, and then she looked down at her book again.

My first class was English in room 184. The school was fucking huge. I thought I was never gonna find it. I guess I looked really confused as I heard a guys voice behind me. "Aye?" He said I turned around and looked at him. "You look lost..." He said walking towards me. I didn't want to be nice, but if I tricked people into thinking I wanted to be here maybe my dad would think I'm fine and we could move back to Ireland. "Yeah... I'm a bit lost" I said with a sweet voice and a nice smile. "I'll help you get to your class. What class are you in?" I handed him my schedule. "Oh... I'm in that class too! We can walk together. What's your name by the way? And where are you from?" We started walking. He seemed nice, but he talked A LOT. “Mia, I just moved here from Denmark" I replied. "I'm Daniel, nice to meet you, Mia" 
I could tell than he wanted to be my friend, but I didn't want to be his. Don't get me wrong he was a nice person, but I didn't want to get attached to anyone here in Melbourne. I just wanted to go home.

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