Illuminati Dream- A Game Gone Wrong

Roxanna, who's 12 always plays 18 rated games, so one day she gets whisked into the world of Satan. She has to escape, and this isnt a fairy story!


2. TWO

Now, it was :12:30. Nearly midnight. She had to keep playing, as she wanted to complete a level. She put on her ''GAMING GLASSES- HELPS WITH BETTER VISION ON GAMES'' She rubbed her eyes. She HAD to carry on. She decided to do her diary on her computer '' Dear Diary. My parents are still a pain. Hate them more than I hate losing video games. XX, Roxy and P.S Mum keeps calling me Rozybelle!''

Roxy sighed. She decided to continue her game. ''YESSS! Level 18 completed!'' She was pleased. Very pleased. She really loved this game!!! It was great! Sooo hard!- But Sooo soo easy! She thought that. She was enjoying it. She thought to herself




It was quite a hard game but she didn't think so. She decided to save it and go to bed. After all, you need your beauty sleep. Roxanna was pretty though, blondish ginger hair, blue eyes, white skin. She put on make up, and didn't wash it off, so she had black circles under her eyes, also from staying up all night.


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