Illuminati Dream- A Game Gone Wrong

Roxanna, who's 12 always plays 18 rated games, so one day she gets whisked into the world of Satan. She has to escape, and this isnt a fairy story!



This was getting stupid, Roxy thought. She obviously needed to do something. Fast. Very fast. She thought about her Rat Poison in her pocket. This was dangerous. Would a devil even get poisoned by rat poison? Worth a try. Roxy considered her options. She could put it in his mouth- Not gonna work. Pour it on him?- Obviously Too Obvious. She had an awesome, amazing faboulous idea! It was 5:30. Dinnertime! She could put it in a pudding or a cake or stir it in his tea! Brilliant! Ooooh, he would get a PRETTY cool treat! She laughed like she was evil. She ran off to the kitchen. ''What are you guys up to?'' She said to the mind control minions in the kitchen. They just looked at her as if she was stupid. One of them was making a cake. ''I need some help on this cake! You see It's mr. satan's birthday I need to make him a great cake!'' Said a Mind Control Minion, busily icing a five tier cake. Roxy, not normally into baking, said ''definetley'' with a ghoulish grin. ''lets DO this!'' she thought. She grabbed the poison out of her pocket. she poured into a bowl of silver icing, which was beautfiul. She iced the cake, stuck candles, put berry sauce. It looked lovely. But this cake certainly was not just a pretty cake. She brought it to the devil. ''Oooh, Mind Control Puppet May I express this cake looks very, picture-esque'' He said. He had a slice, and groaned. He was dead! All the mind control puppets, AKA Just Normal Girls, rubbed their eyes and got up. ''How AM I here?'' they all said. Roxy explained and left the room. She was ecstatic! But she decided to do something drastic.....

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