Illuminati Dream- A Game Gone Wrong

Roxanna, who's 12 always plays 18 rated games, so one day she gets whisked into the world of Satan. She has to escape, and this isnt a fairy story!



So, Roxy arrived back in her room, and it looked perfectly normal. She binned her 18 rated game! She just did NOT want to play that again. She would only be in a empty room, so there was NO point. She walked out her room. A piece of paper was outside the room. She picked it up. '' TRADE YOUR VIDEO GAMES FOR £££s! ONE GAME £10, TWO £25 THREE £40, AND MORE THAN THREE YOU CAN HAVE £100'' She thought that looked great. She got out the room, and put her entire collection of video games, 57-60 games and went out the house. She knew. VIDEO GAMES ARE RUBBISH.


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