Illuminati Dream- A Game Gone Wrong

Roxanna, who's 12 always plays 18 rated games, so one day she gets whisked into the world of Satan. She has to escape, and this isnt a fairy story!



Roxy blinked. She was in a grey room. A male voice was booming into the room. There was no exit. Roxy screamed. ''Hello, iluminati Mind control puppet number 358!'' Roxy thought. A sudden scary thought came to her head. ''SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHH!'' A message popped up in her head '' I SHALL OBEY SATAN'' Roxy was dizzy. She had a robotic hand. A robotic hand!?! She wanted to yell. She couldn't. She was under mind control. Under a disease. A contagious spell. Nothing could do anything. She ambled for the door. Satan's guards were blocking the door. Roxy had one look at them, and even in hell, she burst out laughing. The guards were girls, wearing bikinis, little pink flip flops! Their nails were white with pink hearts. They had tanned skin, blonde hair. It was very strange. Very weird. She looked at them. They smiled. They really looked normal. They had RED eyes! She was so shocked she slept it off.

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