Illuminati Dream- A Game Gone Wrong

Roxanna, who's 12 always plays 18 rated games, so one day she gets whisked into the world of Satan. She has to escape, and this isnt a fairy story!


1. ONE

Roxy was sitting on a desk, with her XBOX. She was locked in her room, and had threw away the key, a few weeks ago, so she was spending weeks just in her room. Her parents had the right sense to leave her in there, because surely she had a reason to be there so long, they thought, and she had practically unlimited time for gaming. She played titles such as Assasin's Creed, Call Of Duty, and Far Cry. One day. She had a vast collection, and enough time to play them all. When she ran out of games, she downloaded new ones. She stayed up all night, all day. Her friends barely talked to her anymore. ''Ughhhh'' She opened a window to have some light in the room. She had a sandwich left on a plate, which she didn't eat and it went mouldy. She couldn't stand the smell. She got up just to throw it away in a bin. She was properly obsessed with gaming. A  brain explosion here, a dead zombie there and it was paradise. Her parents did yell at her to have dinner, but she ignored. Her latest tactic to avoid dinner was to yell ''But, Mum I have a tummy ache'' They let her stay, now. She seriously hated her parents! What did Her mum, Mrs Michals even know about a computer game? She ran a village stores, and she was seriously, what Roxy would call ''So Outdated'' her idea of cool is pink custard as a special treat for tea. Her dad, was just as bad. He used to be in the navy and he acted much more superior then he really was, judging he was in the navy 20 years ago. Lame! And her friends never spoke anymore, as she was too busy. So really, video gaming was her only friend. She was un-arguably the best player in the town, but that was quite obvious, judging all the kids were just geeky swots and just did homework and the girls just went home and had tea. They were so plain. The grown ups just did written work. So yes, she probably was the best out of the  current 1, 500 people population. She played her games like kids with chocolate bars, vets with puppies, men with alchohol- INSEPERABLE. Yes, that was the word. Absolutely inseperable. If she ever spent one day without her games and console she would. ''URRGH!'' She accidentaly tipped a cherry soda. ''Oh well. Those silly ''parents'' can clean it up when she was in her designer mansion, as a pro gamer/'' She didn't really know how to get the job. Oh well, the agents could come and recruit her themselves. She sighed. She pressed ''play'' on her game. Games before Anything, got it!

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