Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


24. Well that was rude…

It's been a week since I've gotten the call from Dave king and me and the girls have decided to meet up with him at Starbucks. I was really nervous an could tell the rest of the girls are too we had to sit and wait. They fidgeted with the fingers or phones I just sat there staring at the door waiting. The bell chimes again to tell us that another person has entered and I know straight away that it's him, Dave king, his eyes scan the room and lands on us last he slowly start walking towards us. We sit up straight and put away our phones and stop fidgeting our gazes focused on him. I stood up to greet him since the girls voted that I was going to be the spokesman, so I told them they're gonna regret it.
"Mr King." I greet him politely and shake his hand.
"Look, girls I'm on a tight schedule so I'm going to make this quick." Rude old man I thought to myself as he started pull something out of his briefcase. "Here's the contract and all I need is for you girls to sign here, here and here. I'll give you a week to read over the terms and agreements and sign. Then we'll meet here at this time in seven days." I gaped at him as he hurried off out the door.
"Well that was rude." Reanna said breaking the silence that had fallen over us. I snatched the contract up stuffed it in my purse and with the girls flanking me left Starbucks and jumped into my car.
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