Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.



Tarea's pov
I got up and walked towards the sink and looked down at the sink, my eyes widened I couldn't believe it. I turned to Emma and motioned her forward. She came over and looked down and the biggest smile came across her face. "I'm going to be a mum!" She screamed in delight a laughed and hugged her again.
"How you going to tell Zayn?" I asked her.
"Double date! You and Niall with me and Zayn go to a restaurant and I'll tell him there."
"You sure you want to do it in public with the paparazzi?"
"Your right! We should do it here."
"How about instead of dinner lunch?"
"Wonderful!" I've never seen this girl so happy in my life. I grabbed my phone and dialed Niall, after a few rings he picked up.
"You an Zayn have to come over for lunch." I stated
"Because me and Emma miss our boyfriends." He chuckled at the way I was whining like a five year old.
"Ok we'll be there in five."
"GREAT!" I squealed then remembered something else. "Pick up whatever you want and a little extra."
"Later babe." I hung up and went to Emma we were so happy. She's going to become a mum, I'm going to be an aunty we were ecstatic.
We heard the door close am ran to our boys. I full on jumped on Niall making him laugh and look at me in shock, I had his lips locked with mine before he could say anything. I lifted my head and smirked then jumped off him.
"You's really did miss us." Emma and I giggled. I looked at what Niall was holding and then Zayn they both had large bags of food from Nandos I grabbed them and walked to the kitchen. Then I realized that both me and Emma were still wearing what we were wearing last night oh well we will tell them the news first.
We grabbed what we want and started eating, when we finished both the boys were looking at Emma like she was an alien cause she ate more than Niall.
"Ok!" I couldn't take it anymore I was about to burst I grabbed Emma and took her to the front of the room.
Both boys raised their eyebrows.
"What?" Zayn asked wearily.
"Well…" I started but trailed off and nudged Emma. She got the point.
" I'm pregnant!" She burst.

Zayn's pov
I couldn't believe my ears did she just say she's pregnant? "Umm, what?"
I asked her and her face started to fall. "I'm pregnant and your the father." She repeated and looked down a little sad. I looked at Niall who was looking at me and we both smiled and ran to Emma and hugged her swinging her around.
"Your serious? I'm going to be a father?" I was so happy about this I kissed her to make sure she knew I was just as happy and then I went to my knees and lifted her top up exposing her stomach and kissed it.
" Zayn I don't even have a bumb yet." She giggled. Gosh her giggle was amazing I couldn't wait until I got to hold my child for the first time. I hugged her again but this time she ran from me and Tarea ran after her I looked at Niall confused. What did I do? And ran after her I got to the bathroom and saw her puking and Tarea holding her hair.
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