Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


25. Should we sign and what name to choose?

We all decided to go to the apartment that Niall and I are now renting. We're still in Queensland until we have this record deal thing under control. We walked through the door and I was greeted with strong arms picking me up, I screamed and slapped his arm for scaring the hell out of me.
"So?" Niall said a little excited.
"Well he walked in have us the contract told us where to sign and give back to him in a week." I sighed. Niall looked at me confused, he knew just as well as I did it wasn't suppose to be like that. We sat down and read the terms and conditions they seemed fair, the girls and I signed it but unlike the girls I wanted to get it photocopied. "I don't see the point Tarea." Dimi whined.
"Well I do this ha the terms and conditions and if they try to make us do something and say its in the contract but we don't think it is we have I copy to look at." The girls sighed they knew I wasn't gonna give in anytime soon.
"Fine I'll go to the library and get a copy of it, seeing as though I basically live there." Reanna sighed I screamed with delight. That's when the girls decided to leave but when I opened the door to let then leave Emma and Zayn were about to knock, I moved to the side and let me in and the others out. As soon as the door was closed I flung my arms around Emma.
"Hey gurllllll. Haven't seen you and forever." I said in a really girlie voice. Emma and Zayn just laughed at me.
"Yes Tarea we haven't seen eachother in forever that's why we saw eachother yesterday."
"Hey just cause your pregnant didn't mean you can use my sarcasm." Me and Emm just giggled whilst Zayn rolled his eyes. Niall walked in again and put his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. "What's so funny?"
"My sarcasm that Emma stole." I said faking anger, Niall just chuckled and kissed my neck.
"Get a room!" Zayn yelled.
"We have one it's up the hall if you want us to go there we will." Niall retorted.
"EWW!" Emm screamed
"Honey how do you think you got pregnant?" I asked rolling my eyes.
We all burst into laughter then. I grabbed Niall's hand we walked to the couch and all sat on it.
"So what brings you too down here?" I finally broke the silence.
"Well we've been thinking about baby names even though I'm only 3 weeks pregnant and there are two boys and girls names that are standing out and we want you's to help us out." I was shocked that she'd ask me this but I was also delighted. "Shoot" I said beeming.
"Well for a boy we were tossing up between; Mason or Jai. For a girl; Perrie or Carly." I looked at Niall and we knew instantly I can't explain but it was as if we knew exactly what the other one was gonna choose.
"Jai and Perrie." Niall I said at the same time, Emma and Zayn looked relieved that they didn't really have to do anything.
"I think me and Zayn should go now cause by looks of it Niall wants you." Emma whispered in my ear making me chuckle, then she said at loud, "well we have to leave and go to the, uh, grocery store." Emma said, she grabbed Zayn's arm and bolted out the door.
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