Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


17. SHIT!!

Tarea's pov
I woke up and turned to my side to see Niall sleeping next to me, he looked so peaceful. He was so adorable when he was asleep, not that he wasn't every other day, it was just unbelievable. I laid back down and replayed the nights agents and then remembered that he told me he loved me. I started grinning like the idiot I am and looked back at him, this time I couldn't help myself I brushed my lips lightly against his when I felt his lips start to move against mine. I lifted my head and rested my forehead against his.
"Morning, beautiful." He smiled a sweet smile at me as he said it and that smile mixed with his sexy Irish accent still thick with sleep, melted my insides.
"Good morning, Nialler." I giggled, I felt like a school girl all over again when ever he called me beautiful.
"Guess what tonight is." I looked at him confused for second but then I realized today was the day of the first concert, I felt my eyes widen and my mouth drop open making him laugh.
"OMG! Tonight's the night we perform!" I basically screamed jumping out of bed. I started panicking I had no Idea what to do, I started pacing back an forth thinking when I felt myself being lifted off the ground.
"AHHHHH!" I scream.
"Calm down babe, just relax." Niall cooed into my ear. I felt myself immediately start to relax as he softly cooed into my ear.
"Niall, I-I don't know when I should start getting ready." I stuttered I looked into his eyed and saw understanding flash across them, he put me down and hugged me tightly.
"Just start getting ready 2 hours before we have to leave, okay babe?"
"Ok, but what do we do until then?"
"We just sit down, relax and save our energy for tonight."
"Okay." I sighed. We walked down into the living room and turned on the TV, we started watching Bones, I sat on the lounge and Niall laid down resting his head on my lap so I started playing with his hair.
We stayed like that for a while when my stomach decided to growl, Niall and I looked at eachother at the same time and laughed.
"Baby can we get nandos for breakfast?" Niall asked I grinned it was like he knew exactly what I want.
"Of course." I said a little to happily. Niall chuckled at my enthusiasm for nandos.
"Yes!" He squealed it was so funny when he did that. "You stay here and i'll I want you to relax." He instructed.
"I'm not pregnant Niall." I whined.
"No, but your my princess. So you stay here and keep watching the bones marathon whilst I'll go out and get breaky." I sighed in frustration and gave up I wasn't going to win this argument, I just slumped in the lounge and glared at him like a five year old.
He gave me a smug smile and left to go get Nandos. I swear he is the only person to win in an argument with me that I'm not related to.
Half an hour later we were sitting down I'm front of the TV eating Nandos, we were no longer watching bones because neither of us were in the mood to watch a show that involved dead bodies whilst eating so I turned Becker on which just made us laugh. I went to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink when the door bell rang.
"Niall can you get that?" I yelled and bolted to the bedroom seeing as though I was only in panties and one of Niall's polos on. I went for quick shower and put on some skinny jeans, a black singlet with red flannel top over it with a pair of black high tops and went back into the living room to find Niall sitting with… shit!!!
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