Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


7. Satisfied

Tarea's pov
Niall and I were the last ones of our group at the club. It was around 2:30 am when we left. We walked to his house stumbling and laughing all the way there. When we got their we heard a lot of animal noises the neighbors dog must have found an animal to kill or something. We went inside and closed the door, before I could even think Niall had me backed up against the door and crushed his lips down on mine. My hands snaked around his neck and then he lifted me up so I wrapped my legs around his waist with his hand place on my ass keeping me up, we stayed like that for a while and then he walked me to his room whilst we were still making out. We went into his room and he slammed the door with his hip. I still had my legs wrapped around him and we were still making out like crazy and I manage to get my boots and socks off, without breaking the kiss. He dropped me on the bed and broke the kiss so he could take his top off. He threw it on the floor and dropped his pants and taking his high tops off at the same time. He stopped stripping so now he was only in his underwear and looked at me expectantly. I very slowly took the dress off, taking my time to tease him, he made a noise of impatience and I took my dress off he came closer to the bed and brought out the women in me until dawn. I then fell asleep in his arms a very satisfied women.
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