Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


2. Breakfast

I woke up with a pounding in my head like little elephants having a party. I looked around to see where I was. I was on the lounge in my small home. Why wasn't I in my bed? I got up slowly and walked into my bedroom with a surprise in my bed. Emma and… what was his name? Zayn that's it! Were in my bed thankfully fully clothed. I went to the wardrobe and grapped a tank top and jeans and tiptoed to the bathroom, I slowly and painfully got undressed removed the shower curtain and went to turn the hot water on when I noticed something in the bathtub, a blonde something. I screamed, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I accidentally woke my mystery man up. But what does he expect if he's going to sleep in a girls bathtub. He rolled out and looked at me with wide eyes. I was about to ask why he was staring when I realized I was only in a towel, I felt the heat spread through my body I was blushing so bad!
" Ummm hi?" I said awkwardly and smiled.
"Hey." He said then I noticed he was blushing too.
"Umm can you maybe get out?"
"Oh, ummm, sure. Where do I go. Well just walk down the hall and the second door on the right is the living room you can go in there, but the first door leads to the kitchen." I explained. He just nodded and got up, that's when I realized he was topless. " Where did your shirt go?" I asked inbetween giggles, he looked Down then back up at me confused. "I have absolutely no Idea." I couldn't help it I laughed at him and he joined in. He then left and I was relieved as he left and closed the door behind him. I turned the shower on and stepped in and thought about last nights event. Wow during that whole night we didn't once say our names. Was all I could think. After about a five minute soak I stepped out dried myself off, got dressed and put my wild brown hair up in a messy bun, when I walked out of the bathroom all I could smell was bacon and eggs. I followed my nose into the kitchen and there my mystery man was cooking bacon and eggs. It was kind of sexy, I don't know how I didn't notice last night but he has a nice ass I couldn't help it I was staring at his behind biting my lip. I almost screamed when he spoke up in that sexy voice of his, "Hey. Why don't you come help me out over here." I walked over to him, still biting my lip, grabbed eight slices of bread and put them in the toaster but only four at a time. He seem to already know his was around my kitchen, when he reached for the plates he had to reach up and I couldn't help myself I walked over and slapped ass and starting laughing. He turned around to face me going bright red, which made me laugh even harder, ran towards me and picked me up, put me over his shoulder and slapped my ass twice while I squealed. I couldn't stop laughing we were having so much fun that when the toast popped up we both screamed in fright. I walked over laughing so hard I was on the verge of tears. I turned around and found Emma in the doorway smirking at me with Zayn's arms around her waist. They were both smirking at me and Blondie! I just smiled and said. "Wipe those smirks off your faces. Go to the living room and get comfortable we'll call you when it's ready."
"Yes, mum." Emma said smiling.
"Bite me." I smiled back and she bared her teeth at me and we laughed they then left and me and mystery man were alone, again. I went to the fridge and started singing one of my favorite songs 'gotta be you' by one direction imagining their faces I got to Zayn's and Niall's and I completely froze. Two members of one direction are in my house. I turned around to see him watching me curiously. "Niall?" I asked and the look that crossed his face was funny. "Yes?" He asked his voice was shaking he looked scared and all I did was smile put out my hand and say, "Hi, I'm Tarea hodges it's nice to meet you." He looked shocked for a second that I wasn't treating him any differently he took my hand and pulled me towards him in enveloped me in a Horan hug, I hugged him back not wanting him to let go but he had to go back to his eggs so I let go smiled and grabbed the butter and went to the toast and put butter on them, grabbed a plate and piled them on wait for the next four to pop whilst Niall was flipping eggs and turning over bacon. I started singing 'gotta be you' again but this time louder he joined in and was watching me with a weird spark in his eyes. We finished making breakfast and he was still staring at me.
"Watcha staring at?" I asked biting my lip again.
"Don't do that." He said.
"Because it's mean to every guy that looks at you especially when you do that." I stood there open mouthed and asked "why is it mean to every guy that sees me?"
"Because your gorgeous and when you do that your even more irresistible." I laughed I couldn't help it.
"I will stop being irresistible the same day you do, which will be never."
"Fine you win." He put his hands up in defeat I giggled and decided I should hurry up and yell out to Zayn and Emma. "Zayn, Emma get in here and get you food otherwise Niall and I will eat it!" We laughed as the others basically ran in and snatched there food up. I grabbed my food and Nialls hand as he was getting his he blushed but tried to cover it up so I kissed his cheek and whispered "Your cute when you blush." Which Made him blush more and start grinning from ear to ear. We walked into the tiny living room where Zayn and Emma were curled up on the lounge munching on there breaky so Niall and I sat on the floor and I turned on the TV and put on the music channel and 'live while we're young' came on we all started singing along and laughing every now and then. When the song ended we had all finished eating and Zayn said "you know Tarea your a pretty good singer." I blushed deeply and mumbled "thanks" curling up even closer to Niall because I was blushing really bad. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 1:30 pm. Shit I had to go to the store I was running low on food I jumped up and said " Look guys I'm so sorry but I have to go to the store." I went to my room grabbed my keys,wallet, phone and stuffed them into my bag and walked to the door. I was about to open it when Niall grabbed my hand and said "mind if I come with you?" Oh god now he's turning up the charm on me it's kind if funny actually I was already in love with him. "Sure" I told him. We walked to my car hand in hand ready to go shopping.
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