Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


12. Back in Queensland

I had one problem about the plane ride to Queensland I didn't have a plane ticket. So u had to go and bye one when we got there and so did Niall. I didn't have the heart to tell the rest that I was leaving so Nialler and Emma did it for me they called me up and told me, "Its all going to be ok."
I wasn't sure if I believed it but I was hoping. The plane ride took at least 4 hours but I wasn't sure.
When we got there my sister greeted us.
"REA!" She yelled and ran towards me.
"KAY!" I yelled right back just before she swung her arms around me in a big bear hug. We parted and she looked at Niall with an appraising look.
"So your the lucky guy who's dating my sister. Niall Is it?"
"Yes, and your Kay I presume."
"Yes. I remember when little Rea here was-"
"Was still living here? Why so do I." I said cutting her off mid sentence, I couldn't have her telling him that before I moved I was Obbsessed with him. Kay just smirked at me when I death stared her.
"Can we leave before anyone realizes a member from one directions here?" I said.
"Um, sure. Lets go." Kaylee responded. I linked me hand with Niall's and we trailed behind Kay as she lead us to her car.
"So, umm, Kay were are Niall and I going to be staying?"I decided to say.
"You two will be staying at my house, whilst I'm staying at mums." She muttered.
"Are you sure? 'Cause we will stay at mums."
"No, I'll be fine staying at mums," she paused then added "plus I don't want you two making a mess of mums bed because she has no guess bedroom. Which I do." She said with a smirk.
"Kay!" I exclaimed blushing crimson red. Niall just chuckled.
We got into her Volkswagen and drove back to her house. She lead us inside and said, "okay the kitchens over there, bathrooms there and bedrooms their you can figure everything else out by yourselves." She said and left luckily she already told me what hospital mum was in unfortunately visiting hours were closed so I had to wait until tomorrow to see her. I went to the guess bedroom and started to unpack whilst Niall raided the fridge. As I was unpacking I noticed I didn't pack any other pairs of shoes I only had the pair I was wearing, I guess that ment I had to go shopping.
"Niall?" I called.
"Yes, love?"
"I have to go out. I don't have any other pairs of shoes." I could hear him roll his eyes as he laughed.
"Ok, just give me a minute and we will leave." He told me.
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