Falling for a member of the band

Hi this is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad.

I met him at the club. He was sexy and Irish what more could I ask for I didn't realise who he was not until the next day but the night I met him changed my life.


1. The club

I was at the club with my best friend Emma having a great time and getting a little sloshed when i noticed two really cute guys staring at us. "OMG Emma look at those guy they're checking us out and there so cute!" I squealed, Emma looked over her eyes widened and we burst into the fit of the giggles. "Omg, Tarea there coming over here!" I looked over and there they are bee lining there way over to us. "Hey" the cute blonde one said to us with the sexiest Irish accent I've ever heard. "Hey." I say back trying my hardest not to giggle. I looked over at Emma to find she wasn't there. I looked at this cute Irish guy with a dumbfounded expression. He chuckled and said "she's over there dancing with my friend, Zayn."
"Oh." I said and I started giggling.
"So what do I have to do to find out what your name is?" I questioned. He smiled evilly, "maybe you should dance with me." I couldn't help it I grinned at the thought of dancing with this really cute guy.
"Hmmm? Tempting but....." he wasn't getting a yes out of me so fast. What can I say I'm a tease and I'm loving teasing him. It's fun.
"But yes." He answers for me and drags me onto the dance floor puts his hands on my hips and we start dancing. I couldn't stop smirking I was having so much fun. Never in my life have I had so much fun with a guy, especially one I don't know. After about an hour of dancing we go and start looking for Emma and Zayn we find them at one of the booths so we decide to walk over there and sit. I still don't know blondies name and he still doesn't know mine. When we got to the booth I sat down next to Emma and whispered, " I don't know his name and he doesn't know mine. So what ever you do just call me babe or bitch never, ever say my name in front of him… atleast not yet." She looked at me with a devilish grin and winked to tell me she wouldn't do such a thing and I laughed. Then looked up at the boys across from us. God they were so gorgeous how are they single? I'm just so happy right know I couldn't stop smiling. "Hey, my mystery girl, wanna come and order some drinks with me." Blondie asked
"Sure" I replied. We got up and walked to the counter, flirting along the way and still not letting one another know each others name. It was fun, but hard at the same time. "What will it be?" The bartender asked, she was a cute little thing with silky black hair tied back and wide green eyes.
"I'll have two beers and she'll have…" said my mystery man.
"I'll have two coke and beams and 4 shots of tequila." I smiled sweetly and looked innocently at blondie who looked at me with raised eyebrows.
"Is that all?" The cute bartender asked. I gave mystery man a questioning look and he answered, "No thanks, sweetie, that's all" turning up the charm.
"O-ok." She swooned.
Five minutes later we were seated back at our table with our drinks two beers, two coke and beams and four shots of tequila.
"What's up with the shots?" Zayn asked, I was shocked he could speak!
"Dunno. Ask beauty over there." I smiled wickedly at them.
"You'll see in a minute just remember you can't touch them till I say." I then poked Emma's arm she looked at me questioningly but all I did was look at the boys and said "be back in a minute just going to the ladies room." With that me and Emma got up but not intending on going to the toilets, no we had a big surprise for them.

Nialls pov.
My god she was beautiful. I wanted so badly to know her name but I wasn't game to tell her mine and she knew it. I just knew if she heard the words Niall Horan she'd realize I was a member of a band, but not just any band no, one direction. "Niall, are you alright?" Zayn questioned I just sighed and nodded taking a sip of beer and wondering why she ordered four shots of tequila. Two minutes later I spied mystery girl and her friend Emma walking back over to us smirking. "Can we have the shots now?" I asked cause I was curious, can you blame me? "Nope." They said In sync making a popping sound on the 'p' and mystery girl smiled wickedly when she noticed me staring.

Tareas pov
Omg he's staring at me! Was all I could think at that moment, so I just gave him a wicked smile Because I knew he was going to LOVE my surprise. Just got to wait out an other song then they'll know the reason why I ordered four shot of tequila. " why can't we have the shots yet?" Zayn pouted. I just chuckled and gave him a look that said wait and see. I took a swig of coke and beam and started talking to blondie.
"I know you from somewhere!" Emma said to zayn and mystery man. We all looked at her with raised eyebrows. "What?" She started. " I recognize them from somewhere but I don't know where." I looked at the boys and saw a flash of … what was that relief?
"Oh well." I said then I realized the song ended and my surprise was about to start. Then the song 'tequila makes her clothes fall off' came on, I almost squealed with delight and looked at the boys and yelled "SHOTS!" They laughed and finally got why I ordered the shots of tequila. We had the shot and I got up and dragged blondie on the dance floor. We didn't think we just acted and let our bodies do the talking. About 10 songs later we were sweating and completely drunk. I could tell I was gonna end up with the biggest hangover in the morning but right here and now I didn't even care.
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