Just wanna be with you (1D &JB lovestory)

This story is about two girls who are BFF since birth and they love One Direction and Justin Bieber. They just started summer and these two girls just have the time of their lives when they finally met their idols, but after that meeting theres something else is between the two bff and their idols(you gotta find out what will happen) what would they do if they have to go back home? Does these lovestory end?


1. Introduction

Hi! Im Mitchie Jay Samson. Im 15 but turning 16 in a few days. I love fangirling like my bff Roshel and Angel. I love eating FOOD! Im a DIRECTIONER and a BELIEBER, were a family! Me and roshel love dancing since we were toddlers. Yep thats all! See yah! Mwah<3

Aye! Im Patricia Roshel Simone . But you can call me Roshel. Im 15 turning 16 in a few days. Did you know, Me and Mitchie has the same birthday? It's on March 06!Oh and i love dancing just like her. Im a BELIEBER and i like One Direction also. Well thats all. Bye cutey!!!

Hey! Im Angel Marie Affable. Call me Angel. Im 16 and I have 2 beautiful best friends! Its Mitchie and Roshel. And you know what? I love dancing too! I love Taylor Swift and One Direction! Well not because of the Harry and Taylor, but yeah, I love them. That's about it. Bye loves! :)


In this story, One Direction and Justin Bieber will collaborate with a new album. So, that means they have a tour together. In this case, 6 of them are very close and treat theirselves as brothers, like One Direction treats themselves. Mitchie and Roshel had a vacation out of the country and met their love of their life. This is like Niall, Harry and Justin lovestory cause we all know that they are single, for now. So the twist is, which one of them will be Niall's, Harry's and Justin's girlfriend? Find out here!


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