Love at first sight

Jane Carey is the School Captain at her school and she is very, very well organised. She has won over 20,000 singing competitions and she is proud of herself. All of the boys in year 6 love her, but there is this one boy that she loves the most, Bradley Garcia. But they have been dating for 7 months and when Bradley tells Jane that he is breaking up with her, she is heartfelt and her only two friends, Lochlin and Marichell, have been comforting her. One day when she goes shopping with two of her other friends, Samantha and Rebecca, when these 5 boys (One Direction) see her they instantly fall in love with her but who will she fall in love with? Will they avoid the paparazzi? Find all that out in 'LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT'


1. I'm School Captain??

Jane's POV:

Just another ordinary day at school until the principal announces the new school captains/ house colour captains are ...

School Captains: Jane Carey (me) and Jan Gan

School Vice Captains: John Herrera and Catrina Bautisa

Green Colour Captain: Helena Naisara

Blue Colour Captain: Bradley Garcia (boyfriend / ex-boyfriend)

Gold Colour Captain: Thomas Bienasz

Red Colour Captain: Natalie Barker

I was shocked when Mr Mahony announced that I was a School Captain and that Bradley was a house colour captain!! I quickly rushed out of class to find him and as I was running people were saying congrats to me for making School Captain but when i finally reached where they were (Thomas and Bradley), they were talking to Mr Mahony saying that some kids in year 4 were calling them rude names, Bradley turned around and saw me and so did Mr Mahony and Thomas, we all fell silent until Bradley broke it by saying "What's wrong, Jane?" and then I said "Well I need to talk to Bradley about something that happened before and that I need to talk to Alicia about something but I don't where she is so um ... where is she Thomas?" then Thomas said "Oh she went home early" "Why did she go home early?" "She had to go to her swimming lessons" "Oh ok thank you Thomas". When I said that, they had just finished up their conversation about some kids in year 4 calling them rude names Bradley came up to me and said "Jane i'm sorry about me not coming to our 7 month anniversary last night but I have a good explanation to why I didn't come" "Oh and what's that Bradley?" "I am sorry but i'm breaking up with you" after he said this I was in tears  



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