Boarding School from Hell (One Direction vampire Fan Fiction)

I'm walking to my dorm,it's late at night and it's really creepy. I hear a scream coming from the MDT block,I walk towards the MDT block and I hear a girls voice.
"Please don't hurt me I don't want to die" she said out of the shadows five people came out and one with curly hair pinned her up against the wall.
"See we can't do that and we're hungry and you're our next meal so be quiet and it'll all be over in a second" he said I saw his face go into the crook of her neck and it looked like he bit into her. All of the boys ran to her and but into her. I gasp they stopped and looked around and went back to feeding. She was screaming bloody murder they continued I wasn't going to stay here. So I backed up not looking where I was going and ran into the garbage bin making a big noise.
"Guys we're not alone here" one of them said.
Louise gets sent to London's top boarding school. The only reason she's there Is cause her parents are on a honeymoon for a year and they don't give a crap


2. I'm going to a Boarding school


Louisa's POV

"I am not going to this stupid boarding school,you seriously can't make me!" I yelled at my Mom and my stepdad Steve,they're sending me to this top notch boarding school in london. Well its not really in london its in The outskirts of london where it's mostly covered by trees and forest land. Worst part is that I'm from Australia and it's a long flight to London. The boarding school is called London Boarding School for Boys and Girls. Also we got to have boys near our dorms,apparently the boys dorm is next door to ours creepy much.

The only reason my Mom and my stepdad sent me here is because they're going on a honeymoon they got married a couple of days ago.

"Yes you are Louisa and don't you use that tone with me young lady" she said going up to my room and getting my bags that she packed not me,SHE.

"Now hurry up the cab is here to take you to the airport,and don't try to run away cause there will be some people taking you to your plane. Then the Principle's daughter will take you to the boarding school. I Want you to behave yourself and don't get yourself suspended or expelled,ok love you bye sweetheart" she said kissing me on the cheek and practically pushing me out the door. God she really loves me. I get into the cab and mum gives me one thousand pounds to spend in London and then gives me two hundred dollars to use for the cab and to get my self some food at the airport. The man greeted me and mum waved goodbye to me, I waved back and looked at my hands. I got out my iPod and I put on Surrender by The collective they're a boyband that came third in the Australian X Factor. I've always liked Jayden there's something about him that I love. Then the song Kiss you by one direction came on,I don't really mind them but they sometimes get on my nerves. I just thought for a bit I'm actually going to the country that one direction are from. Oh well this trip might not be so bad,I think.

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