Extraordinary (Warning: Crazy crap included in life)

Sonny Hilfiger's been alone all her life, distancing herself from everyone around her in the fear that someone would find out what she really is--a freak. So when a mysterious man with an eye patch offers her the job of a lifetime--one where she could be herself--she's sold.

Ever Odea has been plagued by the mystery surrounding her parents death for as long as she could remember. Strange dreams fill her mind, resulting in consecutive sleepless nights. Not to mention her unnatural talent. Then she meets what seems like the boy of her dreams and things start to look up.

Both these girls are very different, yet one similarity ties their paths together. Interesting things are bound to happen when the lives of individuals like these collide.


7. New Assistant

Sonny's POV


I had the strangest sensation that I was on a boat, rocking back and forth gently, mmm so comfy...

Them it was cold. And wet. My eyes flew open in shock.

Wait, why the hell am I at the bottom of the helicarrier's training pool? Feeling confused, I swam to the surface. It was quite a swim seeing as the pool is the size of a small lagoon.

The first thing I heard when my head broke the surface was laughter. Very familiar laughter. 

Steve was clutching his sides and laughing his head off. I narrowed my eyes.

"oh haha, so funny." I said wryly.

"what exactly is the point of throwing me into the pool this early in the morning?"

"Just thought I'd give you a little wake up call." Steve says and grins. 

Oh? Well two can play the same game.

A wave of water crashes into him, knocking him over and drenching him completely, leaving him spluttering. He'll think twice before giving me a 'wake up call' again. Jeez these people have to stop coming out with weird ways to wake me up.


2 hours later

"okay blondie, what's the agenda for today?" I asked Steve as we were walking towards the dining hall.

"you've got a training exercise with Natasha In an hour-" I groaned ; Natasha was going to leave me battered with her endless drills and exercises.

"-And then we've got an interrogation at four."

"That doesn't sound so bad." I day thoughtfully.

"Except the fact that you have to be in uniform, which means you'll probably trip a lot.

"I can walk in them now." I saw smugly, knowing he was referring to the white blouse, pencil skirt and pumps ensemble.

"But before that, you'll have to stop by the lab to see Stark." He made a face. Steve and Tony Stark weren't exactly on friendly terms.

"why?" I asked curiously, though I was pleased that I'd get to talk to Tony, he's hilarious.

"your suit is ready"

"YES!" Steve jump at my squeal. I'd been waiting to get my own suit that I could use when I go on missions. I hate not feeling like a part of the team.

"What does it look like? What colour is it? Does it have a jet pack and stuff?" I asked Steve excitedly, bobbing up and down like a little girl at the candy store.

Steve rolled his eyes. "it's the same as Natasha's, only it's dark blue with a hood and no you don't get a jet pack." He added at the end, muttering something about being reckless under his breath before launching into a detailed briefing of the interrogation.

As he talked, I found myself staring at his face. Couldn't help noticing how chiseled his jaw is... How his ruffled blonde hair looked in the sun... How blue his eyes are...

I shook my head violently. I must be going insane.

We grabbed our food before heading to the round table where all The Avengers usually sat. Today it was just Peter. I sat my tray down and sat beside him as Steve slid into the one next to me.

"where's everyone?" Steve asked.

"Tony is flirting with the new assistant,-" Peter rolled his eyes.

"Natasha and Clint are on a covert operation in Milan and Dr. Banner is in India."

I let out a whoop of delight. No training for today!

"so what are we doing today?" I asked.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna check out the new assistant. She's hot." Peter winked at us.

"wait till she gets a load of this." he said as he flexed his biceps. I made a gagging sound as Steve choked on his food.

"Is she human?" Steve asked after he had recovered.

"Yep." Peter replied.

"You say it like we're not." I scoffed and took a bite out of the pizza I was holding.

Peter and Steve exchanged a loaded glance. I choked. Steve patted my back as I spat a mouthful of pizza onto my plate.

"we're not?" I spluttered.

"Not technically..." Steve said warily.

Peter sighed and said, "Fury calls us 'super humans'. Basically our genetic build-up is too complicated for us to be fully human, but it doesn't differ completely from the genetic build up of a normal human. So, we're still human... In a way." he finishes and shrugs.

I stare at the half-eaten pizza on my plate silently. I don't know what to think of this latest bit of information.


"hey, have you ever gone out on a date?" Peter asks me suddenly in the middle of our debate over whether Director Fury would look good in pink hair. (My argument was that he would look ridiculous ; Peter thought it would make him look edgy ; Steve thought we were crazy for even debating if Fury would look good with pink hair).

We were walking to the lab to pick up my suit before heading to the lounge.

"Nope." I answered, Peter looked surprised.

"Really?" He asked incredulously 


"Did anyone ask you?"

"No." I lied.

"Why not?" He asked curiously.

I pursed my lips before answering, "I kept to myself a lot." 

Steve must've noticed my unease with the current subject because he changed the topic immediately.


Tony looked up from whatever he was working on as we entered the lab. Let me tell you something about Tony : He is hot for a 30 year old man. With his deep blue eyes, jet-black hair and Greek-god-ish features, it's no wonder he's America's most sought-after playboy. He's a really big softie though, even if his jokes are a bit insulting. He's been with his girlfriend Pepper Potts for a while now so I guess the playboy title will be gone soon.

"Ah good, you're here." Tony smiled at me before wrinkling his nose as he catches sight of Steve and Peter.

"And you've brought Sticky and Capsicle with you. Joy." he says, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Peter just rolls his eyes while Steve smiles tightly.

"Well Sonny, your suit comes with a gun holder, weapons belt, built-in taser and of course, allows you to use your powers without endangering you or anyone who might be on an operation with you." Tony says, putting a black leather backpack on the counter.

He nods at the backpack and says, "The suit is in here, thought I'd throw in the backpack for good measures."

"Thanks Tony." I thanked him warmly as we walked out of the lab. He waves at me before going back to work.

"Nice guy." I commented. Peter makes a disgusted face as Steve matters darkly under his breath.


"For the last time, we want to watch Batman!" Steve and I yelled at him.

Peter pouted as I rolled my eyes. "that is not a good look on you." Steve told him.

We are in the lounge now as Steve and I have a good 6 hours to kill before the interrogation. We decided to pass the time by watching a few movies with Peter. Which was now turning out to be a huge mistake cause Peter wanted to watch Twilight.

"Aw c'mon Kristen Stewart is hot! Steve, you like hot girls right?" Peter asked Steve and wriggled his eyebrows.

"Frankly I think Sonny is better looking." Steve replied dryly.

I yawned to fight the smile that was threatening to swallow my face. Peter took the opportunity to target me instead.

"Taylor Lautner is in this movie! Two hours of watching him rip off his shirt!" Peter was practically begging at this point.

"Taylor Lautner doesn't take his shirt off in this movie. That's New Moon." I tell him, Peter groaned and rolled off the couch onto the carpet.

Besides, I'd rather have Steve rip off his shirt, I thought to myself. I was thinking of the time he took his shirt off because it was all sweaty when he was giving me a self defense class in the gym. He couldn't figure out why I was distracted for the rest if the class.

I'm snapped out of my reverie by Peter laughing his head off. I turn to look at Steve. He's looking at me with an eyebrow cocked and a smug grin on his face.

"Did I miss something?" I wondered out loud while Steve's grin widened.

"you want me to rip my shirt off? I wasn't aware you were so attracted to me." Steve says in amusement.

Oh. My. God. Did I just say that out loud?

I groaned and hid my face in one of the cushions. Steve scoots over to my side of the couch and puts his arm around my shoulders.

"Go away." I mumbled through the cushion.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'd like to see you shirtless as well." Steve says as his arm snakes around my waist.

I took the cushion and started to whack his face with it. Hard.

"well you two are clearly busy, so I'm just gonna..." Peter trails off as Steve manages to grab both of my fists.

"...Never mind." Peter mutters before putting Twilight on and sitting cross-legged on the carpet to watch it.

I jerked backwards, and the next thing I know, I'm lying on my back on the couch and Steve is hovering over me with my wrists pinned above my head with one hand. I glanced nervously towards Peter's dark head. 

"Okay you've made your point, now get off me!" I hissed at him, Steve shook his head in mock disappointment.

"You didn't remember a thing I thought you about self defense." He says mournfully.

"Steve..." I say warningly as he inches his face closer to mine. I'm saved the trouble of kneeing him in the balls when there is a knock on the door.

Steve swears under his breath and let's go of my wrists.

Suddenly he's at the other end of the couch and my feet are propped up on his lap. I narrowed my eyes at Steve whose eyes were glued to the TV screen and appears to be really interested at what Bella Swan is telling her father. 

There is another knock at the door, Peter groans and slouches off to answer the door. He opens the door and immediately straightens his back. 

"Lila! Come on in!" He says in an overly-excited manner and steps back to let the person at the door through.

A busty blonde girl with dark green eyes steps into the room and looks around the room with a cool gaze. Her eyes landed on Steve and widened in approval before flickering to me. I met her gaze and smiled warmly but she shots me a cold glare in return which sends chills down my spine and my smile drips off my face. 

Peter clears his throat, "Sonny, Steve, meet Lila O'Malley, our new assistant."



Hello there! So it's me, Jia Xin again :D sorry for the long wait... Me and Sonya (Treehugger) aren't exactly productive writers mhmm... soooo this chappie is by Sonya! And basically I type everything cause she can't exactly use her computer at home :I sucks to be her uhuh. Okay, just so you were wondering, all of the Sonny POVs are by Sonya and all the Ever POVs are by Me! Oh and how is the new cover? You guys liking it? 

Anywhooo we really hope that you guys enjoy this chappie (new assistant hmm and Sonny and Steve? Well I personally ship then ;) yeah always bugging sonya to write about them, haha! Soneve! Yeah lame ship name heh if you guys think of a nicer one please comment it okays :B ) Stay tuned cause the next chapter is coming up really soon! It'll be out within this week so yeah, yay! 

Remember to continue reading, favouriting, commenting anddd liking!

<3 Jia Xin The Cat :)

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