Extraordinary (Warning: Crazy crap included in life)

Sonny Hilfiger's been alone all her life, distancing herself from everyone around her in the fear that someone would find out what she really is--a freak. So when a mysterious man with an eye patch offers her the job of a lifetime--one where she could be herself--she's sold.

Ever Odea has been plagued by the mystery surrounding her parents death for as long as she could remember. Strange dreams fill her mind, resulting in consecutive sleepless nights. Not to mention her unnatural talent. Then she meets what seems like the boy of her dreams and things start to look up.

Both these girls are very different, yet one similarity ties their paths together. Interesting things are bound to happen when the lives of individuals like these collide.


3. My name is Ever.

Ever's P.O.V

My name is Ever Leah Odea, I'm an orphan, I was being dropped off at an orphanage 15 years ago when I was three, I don't know my parents but I have a filthy rich uncle that stays in Australia, he sends me gifts from time to time but I was not allowed to stay with him or ask him about my parents, people dislike me for the weird powers I possessed, winter is my favourite season because during winter I feel powerful and I was like born to figure skate. Now about this weird power that I possessed, well I don't really know how to say it but... I can freeze things when i touch them and of course only if I want to and I can also make it snow randomly, I mean like any time of the year including summer when the sun is scorching hot. 

I was gonna get kicked out of the orphanage because I was already 18 so basically they will give me an amount of money to survive for the moment and rent an apartment or something, then I'll have to find a job to continue surviving... I mean like as if anyone is going to hire me! And i definitely won't work as a cleaner... This is probably how the interview is going to be like this, interviewer (I) - "So, what can you do?" Me (M) - "I can freeze things when I touch 'em and summon snow as I want to." I - "uhh.... Okay, well... we'll get back to you in a few days and see if you've got the job. Got to rush of and run some errands, thanks for dropping by anyway!" and I bet that's just an excuse... They are probably just freaked out and think I'm a retard saying I can freeze things and stuff, I would already be thankful if they didn't call the police department to take me away. 

Since I could just walk out of the orphanage and no one really cares (I was going to get kicked out sooner or later anyway and they think I'm a freak so they'd be happy that I was gone). I decided to go to the nearby park to chill, it was around 8 in the morning and it was a weekday so there weren't many people, it was quite and peaceful and the wind was blowing softly. I found a bench and sat down, sitting cross legged with my legs on the bench, I closed my eyes and went into my own world. For some reason I don't remember anything that happened before I was sent to the orphanage, it was like someone took a piece of my memory, but whenever I close my eyes and 'go into my own world' a few bits and pieces of my lost memory seem to come back and when that happens I get a little dizzy. 

Nowadays, more and more Of my memory seems to be coming back and that is giving me a headache but I'm just dying to know about my pass and how did I get these weird powers which freak people out, but I liked my powers, they make me feel special. Today, I had a flashback that went like that, In this massive room that seem to look like a in palace, there was this lady and a guy which I would guess is the king and queen, they looked like they were talking about something serious and then i saw this little girl standing behind the door that was closed, and the other side was open so she could peek in. Now here is the weird part, she looked exactly like me! Except she was more well dressed and I guess she was the daughter to the two people talking inside the room. I couldn't hear anything in my flashbacks ( which kinda sucks ) but i could tell by their facial expressions that they were discussing something like it was life and death matter and then I saw tears streaming down the little girls face... The flashback was starting to fade away and I felt someone taping on my shoulder. 

I opened my eyes and saw a pair of green eyes staring down at me, he looked really familiar but I just couldn't think about anything now, but he did look cute. Like always, after I have a flashback I had a minor headache but this time it was really bad, I felt like I was going to faint. "can I sit here?"he asked in his deep, low voice and gesturing to the seat on the bench next to me. "yeah" I reply and I stood up (I didn't even know why I stood up, I just did ) and the next moment you know I blacked out and I felt like I was falling into an endless pit. 

When I woke up, I felt my head leaning on someone's shoulder, for a moment I thought I was back in the orphanage but when I opened my eyes I saw the trees and greenery and realised I was still at the park. "Are you alright?" a voice asked me and I stared up at the person who I was leaning on, "uhh, yeahh" I said and lifted my head off his shoulders and continued staring at him. Of course he looked familiar! He was Harry Styles!!! So I was leaning on the shoulder of one of the members of the biggest boy bands ever?!?! I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, well I wasn't for sure because it hurt! He awkwardly cleared his throat then continued talking "Well you kinda like blacked out so... yeah..." he said "Owhh uh okay, so how long have I been like that?" I asked, he looked at his watch and replied "about 1 hour I guess."

"Owhh okay sorry about that, I think I better get going" I said and was halfway standing up when he pulled me back to sit. "wait! You haven't introduced yourself yet! I'm Harry, Harry Styles and you?" he asked, "I am Ever, and obviously I know who you are." I replied and smiled at him, he blushed a little. "so where are you going now?" he asked, I was wondering why the hell would he even want to ask me that but I replied anyway "To the orphanage down the street" and pointed towards it, "Owhh to see the orphans? You're such a nice girl." he said, I felt a little awkward telling him them I actually live there but Pshh I said it anyway "uh, no... I'm actually an orphan and I live there" I replied, he look... Terrified?  I guess you could say that "Owhh I'm so sorry I didn't k-" I cut him off and started speaking "Nahh it's okay, I'm going to get kicked out of there sooner or later anyways" "why?" he asked me anxiously and I told him about how they kick you out when you're 18 and give you an amount of money to survive for awhile. "well at least you have got time to search for a job" He said, I was wondering whether or not to tell him about my weird powers and decided that since I have basically told him everything about myself my as well I just tell him that I'm a freak that controls ice "well actually I think I'm going to have a hard time searching for a job..." I told him "and why is that?" he asked, "well sorry if you get freaked out but..." he gestured his hand to tell me go on, I closed my eyes and continue to speak, "I can control snow and freeze things when I touch them" I was expecting him to come out with a lame excuse and running away but he just sat there and looked at me like it did not affect him at all. 

"Really?" he asked in a surprised tone, "uhh yeahh, I know you think I'm a retard to say that I have super powers, but it's 100% true and I swear that -" I stared at him and sighed surely knowing that he was thinking that I was a retarded freak, I mean like who wouldn't?, "Why don't I just show you..." I said and stood up to pluck a small flower that grew by the pathways. I lifted my finger and concentrated, I touched the flower with my finger and immediately a sheet of ice covered the small flower. "wow... It's not a magic trick right?" he lifted one if his eyebrows and stared at me "definitely not, i don't blame you if you don't believe me but I'm not lying, I have weird powers and no one can explain why I do" I replied and started to stand up but he pulled me back again. "sorry if I hurt your feelings... I bet its really hard for you... " he said his green eyes looking at me with guilt "it's okay I'm totally used to it" I said and smiled at him "I believe you it's just that... It's not like everyday you bump into a sweet girl like you that posses such 'deadly' powers" he smiled and I blushed then smiled back at him, i feel like its so easy to talk to him, like I've known him my whole life but we've only talked for like 15 minutes... I thought for awhile and suddenly blurted out a question " would you be willing to be my first ever friend?" i asked him awkwardly, I mean like I'm an 18 year old girl and I don't have a friend?! Weirdo... "I'd be honoured to" he replied and smiled "thanks" I replied happily. 

I reached into the pocket of my white Abercrombie jacket that I was wearing to get my iphone ( both from my uncle ) , I clicked the home button and checked the time,it was going to be 10 soon, I turned back to Harry "I better get going now" I was saying that for the third time, hopefully he doesn't pull me back again... "Can you hand me your phone for awhile?" I lifted one of my eyebrows and stared at him, but I unlocked my phone and passed it to him. He typed a few letters and a few seconds later his phone rang, he took his phone out and pressed the 'decline' button on his screen. "there you go, now you have my number and I have yours!" he passed my phone back to me and I saved his number under Harry Styles (duhh...). 

"okay I should REALLY get going now"I said for the fourth time, he laughed at me and I giggled back, I actually felt awkward laughing or even smiling... hey you can't blame me! I am looked to as a freak, but in front of Harry I just feel like a normal human being, I don't know why but I just do and it feels good. "If you want to hang out or talk to me about anything just call okay ? Remember I'm your best friend"  he said  and smiled at me "when did I say that you were my best friend?" I exclaimed , "well... I said so." he replied and smiled that sweet smile of his, dimples showing, I rolled my eyes "okay then... Whatever you say... Bye anyway, see you soon I guess" I said "Bye, and yeap see you soon" he replied and I started to walk away, although I was walking, back facing him, I could still feel him standing there, looking at me walk away. My first friend or, best friend. 
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