Extraordinary (Warning: Crazy crap included in life)

Sonny Hilfiger's been alone all her life, distancing herself from everyone around her in the fear that someone would find out what she really is--a freak. So when a mysterious man with an eye patch offers her the job of a lifetime--one where she could be herself--she's sold.

Ever Odea has been plagued by the mystery surrounding her parents death for as long as she could remember. Strange dreams fill her mind, resulting in consecutive sleepless nights. Not to mention her unnatural talent. Then she meets what seems like the boy of her dreams and things start to look up.

Both these girls are very different, yet one similarity ties their paths together. Interesting things are bound to happen when the lives of individuals like these collide.


4. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22...technically speaking.

Sonny's P.O.V.

"And this is the training room, where you'll learn how to harness your abilities and whatnot." Captain Rogers drones in a bored voice. This has been going on for an hour now. At first I was excited to see more of the badass ship, but now...lets just say Captain Rogers isn't the best tour guide in the world.

I yawn and look around. "So, where are the other guys from this 'Ventures Team' anyway?" I ask. Captain Rogers rolls his eyes (like a teenage girl, might I add) and says: "First of all, it's The Avengers. Secondly, you'll only meet the rest of the team tomorrow." Suddenly, a male voice comes floating down the corridor. "ROGERS! I KNOW YOU'RE BAAAACK! DID YA MISS ME?!" I turn to Captain Rogers, wide-eyed. He sighs. "Or you could meet them today." He mutters. Well, o-kay.

A guy my age runs into the corridor with a huge grin on his face. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He's cute, in a cheeky-troublemaker kind of way. He does a double-take when he sees me. "Well hel-lo," He drawls as he looks me up and down. "And who might you be, oh fair maiden?" He asks me and sinks into a cheesy bow. "Good day, kind sir. I'm Sonny Hilfiger." I laugh and say. "Cool, I'm Peter Parker." He says, dropping the whole 'gentleman' act. "I see you've met Steve already."

"Why captain, you have a name!" I turn to Captain Rogers and gasp dramatically. "Christ, don't call me that, I feel so old." He says, his cheeks reddening slightly. "Like Parker said, it's Steve." Speaking of old... "How old are you guys anyway?" I ask curiously. "I'm 19, but Steve is, uh...lets just say technically speaking he's 22." Peter answers. I glance at Steve. Interesting. "What do you mean technically speaking?" I ask Peter suspiciously. He doesn't answer me and after a while I realize he's looking at Steve who is standing behind me. I whip around just in time to see Steve making a time-out gesture and shaking his head frantically. I raise an eyebrow at him and he just gives me an innocent look. Yeah, acting? Not a good career option for Steve. Peter clears his throat. "What I meant was, sometimes Steve doesn't act his age." He says unconvincingly. Wow, two bad liars. I fear for this team. I mull it over and decide to let it go.

I snort. "Tell me about it. He pushed me off the bench in the helicopter earlier." Peter makes a tsk-tsk noise and shakes his head. "Steven you naughty boy. That is no way to treat a pretty girl." He mock scolds Steve. "Hey she asked for it, she was being mean." Steve says defensively. "And you were being a creep." I retort. "I was not!" He says hotly. "Why was he being a creep? What did he do?" Peter asks eagerly. I glare at Steve and say: "He was staring at me like I'm the Creature of The Black Lagoon!" 

"I was not!"

"Uh, yes you were! For a full ten minutes! I was counting!"

"I only glanced at you once! It's not my fault you're so paranoid."

I bristled. "I am not paranoid! Anyone would be freaked out if some-"

"Oooookay!" Peter interrupts our mini-argument. "You're both tired, and I'll bet Sonny hasn't slept in the last 10 hours, so how 'bout we continue this friendly uh, debate tomorrow?" Me and Steve glare at each other before we both mutter a disgruntled: "Fine." 

I turn to Peter. "Goodnight Peter." I say sweetly. I then look at Steve and say "See ya tomorrow, jerk." before turning on my heels and heading towards my room which Steve showed me earlier. As I storm off, I hear Peter and Steve's voices fading away.

"Wow, you must really like this chick. Ten minutes? Wow."

"Oh shut up."

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