Extraordinary (Warning: Crazy crap included in life)

Sonny Hilfiger's been alone all her life, distancing herself from everyone around her in the fear that someone would find out what she really is--a freak. So when a mysterious man with an eye patch offers her the job of a lifetime--one where she could be herself--she's sold.

Ever Odea has been plagued by the mystery surrounding her parents death for as long as she could remember. Strange dreams fill her mind, resulting in consecutive sleepless nights. Not to mention her unnatural talent. Then she meets what seems like the boy of her dreams and things start to look up.

Both these girls are very different, yet one similarity ties their paths together. Interesting things are bound to happen when the lives of individuals like these collide.


8. Band operation.

Sonny's P.O.V.

"Harder! Keep a steady pace! You call that a punch? You're not gonna win any fights like that. Keep going!" 

"Shut up!" I snap at Steve. There's no way I could concentrate for long with him barking out orders like some army general. I side-jabbed and kicked the heavyweight black sandbag a couple more times until Steve said I could rest. I flopped onto the floor of the training centre, panting and wincing. I felt sore all over. "You," I panted and pointed at Steve. "are gonna--kill me someday." He just chuckled. "No, I'm helping to keep you alive. All this training is gonna come handy on missions like the one we're going on tomorrow."

Right, my first mission. Steve told me Director Fury was finally allowing me to go on missions with him. I suppose I should feel excited...yet I couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. Director Fury told me I wouldn't be going on any missions until I had at least 2 years of training under my belt. Why now, and why this mission? Sometimes it really bugged me to have a boss as secretive as Fury. 

"Tell me again why is it you're bringing me on this mission?" I asked Steve when it didn't hurt to talk. Steve sighed (he needs to stop doing that, it's getting annoying). "Director Fury's orders, he thinks you'll be useful on this one."

I stared at him incredulously. "Director Fury thinks I'm a danger hazard."

"No, Director Fury thinks you're useful," he corrected. "think you're a danger hazard."

I huffed in indignation. "You're a worrywart."

"I worry because you display behaviour worth worrying."

"I do not!" I say hotly, growing more and more annoyed at the amused look on Steve's face.

"Speak for yourself," Peter walks into the training room and says. "Romanoff wants to see you, and she's pissed."



I warily step into the conference room, looking around for my supposedly angry assassin instructor. I spot Natasha standing at the very end of the long table, where Director Fury normally sits. She's looking at something on a sleek silver tablet in her hands and scowling. She looks up and visibly relaxes when she sees me walking towards her. "You wanted to see me?" I asked the Russian redhead slowly.

She folds her arms and looks at me. I stand there awkwardly, not sure what to do. A few minutes pass and I start to feel restless. "Are you gonna tell me why you wanted to see me or are we gonna do this all day?" I ask her. She unfolds her arms and says: "That temper of yours is gonna get you in trouble someday."

I shrug. "Someday, not today." 

A ghost of a smile appears on her lips before she turns back to the tablet. "This," she points to the tablets and says. "is your mission. A bunch of pirates have kidnapped a band and are holding them on a S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel in the Pacific. Your job is to get in, get the band and get out. A S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team will do the rest."

I stared at her. "All that for a band? Seems kind of unnecessary, don't you think? And why us? Isn't the safety of civilians on the international level Interpol's charge?"

"Fury requested that S.H.I.E.L.D. handle this one."She pauses with a frown. "He wouldn't say why."

"Well that clears everything up." I muttered. Natasha hands me the tablet and says:"Give that to Rogers when you see him, he'll brief you on everything you need to know." She starts to walk out of the room but stops and turns towards me. "By the way," she says. "I have an assignment in Timbuktu for the next month so until then Rogers is in charge of your training."

I groan as she leaves the room. Greaaaaat.


I walk into the lounge and scowl as I catch sight of Lila talking to Steve. I sigh. For some reason Lila O'Malley has been hell bent on making my life miserable from the moment she set foot in this helicarrier. Snarky remarks, attempts to trip me up...she acts like she's still in high school.  Well, might as well get it over with... I walk over to them.

"I wish I was your personal assistant instead of Fury's," Lila says in her sickly sweet voice as she strokes Steve's hand. Bleurgh, talk about nauseating. Steve looks extremely uncomfortable as he tries to gently pull his hand away. "But I don't need one," he says with a nervous laugh. I choke back a laugh and instead cough to get his attention. HIs relief is evident as he jumps up from the couch and says: "You got the mission specs?"

I hold the silver tablet up. "Yep." I say, popping the 'p'.

"Okay let's go." Steve grabs my elbow and starts to drag me out of the room. "It was nice talking to you Lola, but I've got to uh, do some planning with Miss Hilfiger over here so I can't really talk right now." He says over our shoulders.

"Nice talking to you too, Captain," Lila said in her shrill voice. "and my name is Lila--"

Her voice is cut off as we exit the lounge and Steve shuts the door. I snigger and he waves a finger at me. "Not. A Word." He says with a warning look. I mime zipping my lips before we to proceed to walk down the corridor to god knows where. "Are we actually going to do any planning for the tomorrow's operation?" I ask.

"No, but I am going to teach you close-range combat." Steve answers. 


"No, tomorrow." He deadpans. "Yes, now."

We reach the training centre and I start to warm up as I walk inside. I stop when Steve pulls his shirt off. "What are you doing?" I ask warily. He grins wolfishly at me and says: "Well you wanted me to rip my shirt off so, wish granted." 

"Yeah okay that's really funny and all, now put your shirt back on." I snap.

He pretends to think about it before saying: "Nah I think I'm good. I need to able to move freely, you know have freedom of movement?" 

I smack my face in frustration. "Whatever." I mutter. I finish warming up and stand facing Steve. "Let's do this." I say with determination. 

We go through some pretty basic counter-attacks for close-range combat with several different types of weapons. I don't have much luck when we use a knife. That's clear as Steve disarms me and pushes me onto the training mat, pinning my arms behind me for the 3rd consecutive time. Steve sighs and lets go of me so i can stand up. "Okay let's go through that again, slowly." He hands the knife back to me and I hold it in a defensive stance. "You have the knife, I move to grab it out of your hands, what do you do?' He asks me. "Stab you?" I ask uncertainly, miming stabbing him in the stomach area. He grips my wrist gently and says: "That's not a good move because I can grab your wrist with one hand and disarm you with the other, but let's just go with that. I try to disarm you, what do you do?" He makes a move to take the knife and I move without thinking: using the momentum of his grip to pull myself towards him so my back hits his chest. Steve makes a surprised sound but I'm already twisting myself and the knife out of his grip. I use my legs to trip him up and the next thing I know I have one knee pinning Steve down to the ground with the knife against his throat.

A smile spreads across my face. "Booyah." I say smugly, taking my knee away and helping him up.

Steve dusts himself off, looking thoughtful as he does so. "Not your average counter-attack, but," he grins at me. "effective nonetheless. Good job." We high-five and Steve starts to gather the weapons we used earlier. "You do that tomorrow and you should be fine if anyone attacks-"

Steve's next words are cut off as the doors of the training centre burst open. Natasha strides in, looking grim.

"We've got a problem."


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