Extraordinary (Warning: Crazy crap included in life)

Sonny Hilfiger's been alone all her life, distancing herself from everyone around her in the fear that someone would find out what she really is--a freak. So when a mysterious man with an eye patch offers her the job of a lifetime--one where she could be herself--she's sold.

Ever Odea has been plagued by the mystery surrounding her parents death for as long as she could remember. Strange dreams fill her mind, resulting in consecutive sleepless nights. Not to mention her unnatural talent. Then she meets what seems like the boy of her dreams and things start to look up.

Both these girls are very different, yet one similarity ties their paths together. Interesting things are bound to happen when the lives of individuals like these collide.


6. All that flour

Ever's POV

3 months later
"No Harry, don't!" I said in a panicked voice, "And what if I do?" he asked cheekily, lifting one of his eyebrows,smliling. "If you do, I would stab you and push you down a cliff into the sea for the sharks to eat." i replied, "oh my how scary." he said sarcastically. "meh maybe not, i could just freeze you." I answered, "nah, you're too nice to do that." he said and smiled, dimples showing. 

 He tilted the box of washing powder towards the bowl of cake mix even more with an evil grin on his face. "Well if you pour that in you won't have any cake to eat and i'm not going to buy another box of cake mix." I said smirking. Harry thought for awhile, "Fine fine, you win... This time." he said in a defeated tone but i could sense he was planning on something and it didn't seem to be a good. I took the mixing bowl over and walked over to the mixer.

"There, looks good now we can put it into the -" As i turned over, I was blinded by some white powdery... Flour? "Harry Edward Styles!!!" I screamed at him while he laughed and I took another packet of flour from one of the cabinets,hell knows how many packets of flour there are in his house, tore it open, grabbed a handful and aimed it at him face. 

"shh you look ridicu- EWWW!!" I laughed at him before flour came flying into my mouth, I spat it out into the sink and gave up on throwing because apparently Harry had already finished his packet of flour. I walked over to him casually, and leaned closer to him as if I was about to kiss him, well I must have been pretty convincing because he was staring into my eyes but too bad, before you know it I poured the whole packet of flour over his head. ou 

"Hell Yeahh, I GOTCHA" I yelled and laughed, Harry shrieked like a girl and ran out from the kitchen frantically patting his hair I ran after him while grabbing a glass of water on my way. 

"DIEE!" I yelled and jumped onto his back with the glass of water still in my hand, well some of it splat out... At that moment, two things happened simultaneously, Harry tripped on the edge of the sofa, the water in the cup came splashing out on Harry and the next thing you know, me and Harry were lying on the floor, with him facing down and me on top of him facing up in the other direction. 

"Your foot is in my face, Haz" I complained, "I know, I actually kinda like it there." he said and wiggled his toes in my face. "omg eww! Now get your big ugly foot out of my face!" I yelled at him. "mine? Big and ugly? Please, yours are worse!" he said and held my foot up to tickle the soles of it. 

"hey! stop it! Or I'll... I'll freeze you to death!" I yelled as I tried to yank my foot from his grasp, man he had a tight grip. "Aww you're too nice to do that, now I'm not going till you apologise!" He said and continued tickling my foot, making me laugh hysterically.

"okay, okay, I'm sorry!" I giggled an apologised as he slowing stopped, "now that's a good doggy" he said and rolled over to face up and sat up, causing me to roll off of him, "hey! That hurt! Plus, for the thousandth time, I'm NOT a dog!" I exclaimed, for some reason, he always treats me like a dog... Some girls might find it cute but uh, hello!? He's treating you like an animal. "uh, yes you are." he replied and sat on the sofa, "no I'm -ugh whatever styles." I replied, fed up of giving the same answer over and over again.

I was now leaning against his side with my legs stretched out onto the rest of the sofa watching television. Harry was patting my head, like a dog, I just rolled my eyes, I don't think arguing with him will make this any better. "what's wrong eve? Want a bone?" he asked, poking my cheeks, "shut the fudge up styles." I said in a bored tone and glanced over to look at the clock on the wall it was already 2 in the afternoon... And when I was going to look back at the TV I saw a figure leaning against the doorframe of the entrance.

My eyes widened, it was Louis! "well I guess you guys have finally realised I was standing here for uh let's see, 10 minutes." he said and walked to the kitchen, "oh hi Louis" Harry greeting louis and continued watching the television, i have no idea what he was watching but when he is watching TV,  nothing seems to bother him, it's like everything else is on mute, oh wait wait wait, that means Louis saw everything? Damn damn damn. I suddenly snapped out from cursing myself, "uh oh wait! Don't go in!" I was getting up of the sofa to stop him before... "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE KITCHEN? Did a bomb drop down in here or what?" 

"uh we had a flour fight... " I replied standing at the doorway of the kitchen, "uh right I saw that, but I didn't expect it to be that bad, I mean look, as if you guys will clean this." he exclaimed. "don't worry Louis, we will." I replied confidently, "mhm and if you do it by today, I'll give you a hundred bucks." he said, pouring himself a glass of water, "ooh really?" I asked with interest, "yeap, because I know that will never happen." he said, "well you'll see" I smirked and walked out of the kitchen.

"Now uh Ever...", "what?" I replied, "uh what did you mean by freezing Harry to death? I mean like well how are you supposed to that? And Harry seemed to understand." he asked, oh crap... Louis doesn't know that I have powers... Well only because I didn't want anymore people to start freaking out.

At that time, Harry looked over at us, well I guessed he realised we were talking about a sensitive topic. "uh...um..." I stammered and looked at Harry, wide eyed, pleading him for help, "oh that? meh that was nothing, she just threatened to push me into the freezer." Harry said as Louis plopped down onto the sofa.

He raised one of his eyebrows before shrugging, "okay, so I'm heading to the book store, anyone wants to follow?" he asked us. 

"your imaginary girlfriend ain't coming back Louis." Harry said loudly and rolled his eyes, louisglred at Harry, "first of all, she is NOT my girlfriend, secondly, she is not imaginary either, I'm just curious about her... She didn't seem like she's from around here." he replied dreamily.

"If you're so curious about her, why'd you run off when you met her?" I asked, Louis had told us about odd girl he met in the book store a couple months ago and after that, he had been going to the book shop whenever he had free time. Harry was sceptical but I think Louis was telling the truth, it wasn't like him to bluff about something like this.

Louis shuffled his feet and said sheepishly, "her friend scared me off... I don't think he liked me very much, AND he was quite huge, so yeah, I wasn't about to cross him... Okay I think I should get going now, see you guys later for dinner?" he asked, "yeah okay, have fun! And good luck!" I yelled and waved at him. He smiled at me and nodded his head, rushing out of the door before you could even say 'carrots!'

Author notes

Hey guys :) thanks for reading and giving great comments! Sorry this took forever to update :( anywayyy hope you guys like it :D the next chapter might come out tomorrow or the day after. Thanks and sorry again!

<3 Jia Xin
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